11 Apps to Get Likes on Facebook | Get free likes on Facebook


11 Best Apps to Get Likes on Facebook | Get free likes on   Facebook

Apps to get likes on Facebook- Facebook has over 2. 2 billion monthly users, however, growing your business and achieving your business goals can be very easy when you have a lot of followers on Facebook.

apps to get likes on Facebook

 Facebook is very good for your business marketing strategies. So, getting more likes on the Facebook page is a great factor when some brands need brand influencers.

 I must say that having a lot of likes on Facebook is very important in attracting brand influencers as well as increasing your brand and idea visibility on social media, society and the world at large.

 You can use apps to get likes on Facebook by getting your page verified.

 I this article, I’ll discuss some apps to get likes on Facebook. So, don’t be in a has to leave, read through and get the information right and increase your brand awareness on Facebook.

Apps to get likes on Facebook-What you need to know

  • The usage is against the Facebook TOS
  •  Its excessive use can cause your account blockage
  • Don’t use the apps on your real account
  • It can cause hacking of your account because of the password needed.

For Android Phones

  1. FB Liker

 FB liker remains the best auto liker apps to get likes on Facebook in Android phones. With this app, you can increase your likes on your Facebook Status. Interesting, the token of the previous users of Autolikers is used to like or comment on your Facebook photos and statuses to increase likes.  The features of the FB liker are as follows:

  • It generates likes from reliable sources automatically
  • It’s easy to download
  • The generated likes are spam free
  • It’s an advertisement free software
  • The app is user-friendly with a user-friendly user-interface
  • It gives the link of your post and not Facebook ID or Password for generating likes.

2. Metal: for Facebook and Twitter

 This apps is quite light and functional. It works at a lightning-fast speed. One of the benefits is that it’s accessible wherever you want and now, it’s accessible on Twitter. It’s battery efficient substitute to the Facebook app. Its features are:

  •  Gives notifications with ease, news feeds and messages
  • It offers a pleasurable ad-free experience that keeps your data usage very low.
  • Gives users full screen with a fixed toolbar
  • It has white, dark, or default blue. However,  you can choose any theme and color

3. The King liker App

 It can give you about 250 likes on your Facebook status, videos, pictures, and Facebook page. This can function as a good alternative to the DJ liker app. It needs a lot of patience or you can risk a ban on your Facebook account.

4. Social –Liker APK– Apps to get likes on Facebook

 With this app, you can get unlimited auto likes for your Facebook pictures. This is nice for your auto likes on Facebook.

5. DJ Liker app

This app is the most used auto liker app. It’s quite popular on Facebook likes. It offers you about 250 likes and more. DJ liker app works with auto liking application and it’s free to use, very fast and protected.

6. Apental

This is one of the great apps to get likes on Facebook. It can give you boundless apental auto comments, page likes, and followers. Apental increases your online presence and it’s also one of the best apps to get likes on Facebook.

 Its features include:
  •  Unlimited comments and likes on FB
  • It’s user-friendly and a friendly interface
  • Offers unlimited shares on your images
  • It’s free to use
  • The app is compact, easy and very smooth to work with.

7. Apental  Calc

For those looking for likes and comments on your Facebook, this is the app you need. Apental Calc is easy to use and it gives likes on Facebook easily. The features are:

  • Offers infinite lies and comments on your photos
  • Gives you organic shares and impressions on our profile page
  •  Offers business page promotions to generate leads
  •  It’s free to download and it comes with modern design and easy to use interface.
8. Get Instant likes App

 The app offers instant followers, likes, comments, and views on your posts. It’s free and helps you to get top tags to use it on your posts which will help you to get likes on facebook real-time. Below are the features:

  • It’s a speedy and lightning-fast app
  • Has a popular hashtag  database
  •  Gives unlimited likes and comments

Apps to get free likes on iPhones

9. Swipa

With the Swipa app, you’ll get likes on Facebook for free. All you need to do is to upload videos and images to Swipa and the entire world likes and views your posts on Swipa. To be popular on this app, you must upload more videos and photos


  • It’s free iPhone app
  • You can more to rank higher
  •  You’ll get more likes with more uploads of videos and pictures
  • Users can book their profile by getting more likes.

10. MyFBliker

This is an auto liking tool for Facebook users. MyFBliker is very fast, simple and easy to use. It comes with a simple user interface and this makes it easier for users to use it. Its features are as follows:

  • Offers 100% spam-free Facebook auto liker
  •  Operates with a simple user interface
  •  It’s very fast and gives instant likes and comments on fetching tools.

11. FBoost

With Fboost you can reach more people on Facebook easily. This app helps to fetch more and more likes on our posts, pages, videos and photos you share on Facebook. Its features are below:

  •  Offers like, comments, views, shares and enhancing  tool
  • The app is quite easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  •  It’s a free app to get likes on Facebook for iPhone users


Try any of these apps if you’ve not started using them to know the one that best works for you. I wish more likes on your Facebook as you influence the media world with these great apps.


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