Top social media platforms-Socialization is one aspect of humans that keeps them in the environment they found themselves.  Social media is now beyond meeting people, now, it’s a great platform for business and services to thrive. It’s always man’s desire to share ideas and relate with fellow humans from different walks of life. Humans both young and old can’t do without socialization. 


The man by nature, can’t live in isolation. So, they need each other at one time or the other. In the world today, social network sites and mobile apps have done a lot in making man’s quest for socialization and relationship more easy than before.

More persons have started different kinds of the relationship on the social network. Some marriage and business relationships kicked off from social media. Old and new friends are made on a daily basis on different social network platforms.

Over the years, social network users have Increased to over 2 billion users monthly according to Statista. We won’t say that social network has not contributed to the social-economic development globally.

Therefore in this article, I’ll like to discuss some social network sites that are being used today in the world. These social media has to be so helpful in business and relationships. So, from the list below you may find some of them that’ll very useful to you.



Among all Top social media platforms in the world, Whatsapp has been the most daily used in the world. Over 1.6 billion users log in to the Whatsapp app per month.

You can use this app for your instant image sharing, messaging, voice calls and video calls.  Since it’s acquisition by Facebook in 2014, Whatsapp services have continued to change for better.


When it comes to top social media platforms,  Facebook is unarguably the largest globally. And it’s also the most widely used even though Whatsapp has more visitors now. Facebook has varieties of services that renders more than most of the social networks.  Facebook has approximately 1.56 users in a month.

On Facebook individuals and companies can advertise and promote their products and services via Facebook ads. You’ll easily locate your old and new friends or family members on facebook either by searching for their names or through their mobile numbers.


This one of the top social media platforms. It’s owned by the number one search engine sited ‘Google’. It connects users of similar interests and social statuses. Ranging from any business and services one can think of. You’ll find your own field when you decide to use this app.

People who do similar things are connected to this social platform for more ideas and learning. Also, pictures and videos are shared on Google +. About 300 million people use Google + actively.


Douban is among the top social media platforms that are being very active in China. It can work for both registered and unregistered users. Registered users can record and create useful content on music, films, books or events in various cities of China.  While the unregistered users can only see the reviews and ratings of the music, films, and books.


When it comes to social media for arts, DeviantArt is the largest online site for art lovers. It’s used by art lovers and artists to share pictures of their works with each other.


On this social network site, users can share their content based on their personal interests. You can share videos, Images or journals. It integrates with Facebook.

We Heart It

We Heart It is a Photo-Sharing social media site. About 20 languages use this app. Mainly for inspiration and motivation. Users can share their waw inspirational images and articles here.

8. MyHeritage

It’s a genealogy social media platform where users can create family trees.   On these family trees, they browse their family pictures and maintain their family history. People can easily locate their ancestors and relations on this platform.


Classmates is a social media network where users can find and connect with their friends and mates in school and higher institutions. Users can upload their yearbook here for old time’s sake. Among other social media platforms, it’s seen as best for classmates’ relationships in school or after school.


This particular social site is entertainment-based. Here, users can share short-form videos in six seconds. It’s a twitter family app and can integrate with other social networks.


This is a gaming social community where users can access from any smartphones. It brings mobile gamers together to create avatars, play games and buy virtual goods.


When it comes to video-sharing social network sits, YouTube is the Largest. It allows the users to share upload and share their videos.

Users can view the videos and comment on or like them.

With this, users can create their own YouTube Channel, record videos and upload to be seen by friends and their followers.


This is a travel and lifestyle social media site. Users can discover where to go to from this social network site.  You can learn what to do and how to do it and also meet like-minded persons.


Just like the name. sounds, it’s a social media platform for people living within the same neighborhood in the US. It helps them to get connected and share ideas together.


This is a community-based social-media that targets people with interests in fiber arts like knitting, spinning, weaving, and crocheting. In this media, they can share their ideas and teach each other.


On this social media, Mothers and mothers-to-be meet each other for support and mentorship. They get advice based on pregnancy, Fashion, health, and food while pregnant or during breastfeeding.


This is an activist social site. It helps activists around the world to interact with each other similar issues.  It can be on business, government or organizational levels.


It is a social media network by HP developers. It’s a photo-sharing network site.  Unlike a cloud, it offers unlimited storage space for users to upload photos.


Tumblr is a blog-friendly social media site owned by Yahoo since 2013. You can use it to post anything, follow people you like and you can customize anything you want.


This is mainly a photo and video sharing media site users can take photos and upload it to Instagram for friends and followers to see, like and comment on it.


This another Top social network app that is  Whatsapp rival. It does everything WhatsApp can do. It’s mainly used in China and it’s developed by a Chinese company Tencent.

WeChat users are almost equal to Whatsapp with the majority of the users coming from China. Over 698 people use Wechat per month.


Twitter enables users to send text messages which are we call tweets with a minimum of 140 words. Users can promote their businesses and services on Twitter.


This is a social network app from the Chinese network giant Baidu. It’s a social forum where people communicate through keyword searches based on the Baidu search engine. Users can create groups based on a particular topic.


A Microsoft owned social media network that connects people via voice and video calls through the webcam. It does group messaging. Skype to Skype calls is always free. Skype has about 300 users monthly.


Viber is multi-lingual media that’s available over 30 languages. Majorly, it sends instant messages, voice messages and shares videos and photos as well.

Conclusion: There’s several other social media network that you can use like SnapChat, Line, Sina Weibo, YY, VKontakte (VK), Pinterest, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit, Taringa, Foursquare,  Renren, Tagged, Badoo, Myspace, StumbleUpon,  The Dots, Kiwibox, Skyrock,  ReverbNation,  Flixster, Viadeo, Xing, Xanga, LiveJournal, Friendster, Funny or Die, Gaia Online, Flickr, MeetMe, Meetup, Tout, Mixi.

Try any of these ones and find out how useful it can be for your businesses or services.

Thanks for reading!


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