Activity Trackers | Best Fitbit Activity trackers for Children


Activity Trackers | Best Fitbit Activity trackers for Children

If you want to keep your Children in check and maintain fitness on track, you need to check out all the fitness trackers from the Fitbit brand. The Fitbit has a lot of activity trackers for children. All these activity trackers are quite good for every kid. Whether they are little ones or teens.

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I must emphasize that Fitness tracking isn’t only for adults. This is due to the fact that there’s a high rate of obesity in Children. So, tracking their activity becomes very important.

So, if you’re asking what Fit bit is, here are some introduction for you about Fitbit.

The Fitbit is a San Francisco Based wearable fitness maker that has many models in the market. Its fitness trackers or activity trackers help you to track steps or activities such as heart rate, sleep, and other physical activity. When you engage in any activity, the trackers help you to remind you to move on when you’re tired.

 The uses of Fit bit Fitness app

 It’s a fitness device that you can sync with the Fitbit app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices to provide you with detail information about your activities. Also, it gives you info about your goals on a daily basis, calorie consumption, heart rate, and other important fitness details.

However, before you make any final decision on this activity tracker, you’ll have to decide based on the following:

  • The least expensive Fitbit
  • One that is stronger and durable
  • The coolest and Flashiest tracker

The least expensive-Activity trackers

If you’re looking out for a less expensive or the one that is the best Fit bit activity tracker, you have to go for the Fit bit Zip. I love this one because we’re all aware of how often kids destroy things around them. So, I don’t think it’s a good decision to buy the most expensive fitness tracker for a kid. If you do this, if the kid breaks it in a few hours after your purchase, you have yourself to blame. Of course, you have lost the money spent on this gadget.

However, when if comes to tech, you don’t need to spend a lot on a kid item which they‘ll soon break or destroy.  It’s isn’t wise and it’s quite dangerous to give your kid a Fitbit ionic of $200 instead of Fit bit Ace of $99.95.Importantly, on Fitbit Zip is that your children/child can see their activity without using any phone. Also, you can go for any of the colors available and a replaceable watch battery that can last for more than six months.

Best in Durability – Flex 2

 Flex 2 is the best in durability when kids are concerned. As an adult, you can destroy items that are not strong enough, so, children can do that more than adults. So, bearing in mind that kids a prone to break things easily, get Flex 2 for a kid that you know can destroy items easily. Flex 2 comes with an elastomer band that can stay put on the wrist for a longer time. It has no display but has five LED lights.

The light is used for the notification and move reminders. Because it has no screen, the battery last longer than most of the trackers.


It’s sold for 59.95

The Fitbit Charge 3

 Fitbit charge 3 is an advanced fitness tracker for kids. It has a heart rate monitor for people who wants to make more personal fitness plans both for men and women too.

Also, it comes with a nice touch breathing session that is well guided. Each time the watch detects moments of meditation by elevated heart rate.

The benefits are offering of base level tracking as calories burned, steps, activity minutes and monitors sleeps. It provides phone notifications, calendar reminders, weather updates and bill payments. It offers a 7-day battery life and it’s waterproof to 50 meters for a swimmer.

  • Has a larger OLED display
  • Comes with PurePulse continuous heart rate with zones
  • Offers SmartTrack auto exercise recognition
  • There are call, text and calendar alerts
  • Battery life stays up to 7 days
  • Has a connected GPS and offers Automatic sleep tracking.

This is recommended for kids at age 13+. The colors available are Black, blue, Plum and 3 more.

Coolest Fit bit – the Alta

Alta is the coolest of all the Fit bit for kids. It has a cool OLED display that lightens up when you tap it. This one has the most customizable of the entire Fit bit. Therefore, kids can personalize their Alta.


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