Airtel Family And Friends

Airtel Family And Friends : What Is Airtel Family And Friends 

Airtel Family And Friends : What Is Airtel Family And Friends 

Airtel is also known to be  “Affection interested respectful tolerance energetic and loving”. It’s a network communication service for mobile or any network-related device that was created by Sunil Bharti Mittal.

Airtel Family And Friends

Airtel has become the leading telecommunication since the year 2001 when it was launched.

In 2019 Airtel had a market share of 46.8 million users it was mostly used in Africa and Nigeria in particular. Its headquarter is located at Banana Island Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria

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Airtel is Nigeria’s second large communication company by the number of users. Segun Ogunsanya has been the managing director since the year 2012.

Airtel family and friends is a service that comes with a discount on call prizes and is only made available to registered users.

This product service is only available when you subscribe to the “Airtel smart connect plan”.

In addition, this Airtel smart connect plan comes with every new SIM card and grant customer an 800% bonus recharge.

This product allows users to register 5 favorite Airtel contact to call at a lower rate of call.

                      What are Airtel’s family and friends’ service products?

Airtel family and friends product was a plan that is introduced by the Airtel network.

However, being made available to all prepaid Airtel users who subscribe to the plan.

It accesses you to have more time to talk with your loved ones and business paternal at a much-reduced cost.

The product plan allows you to add five of your favorite contacts to the plan.

It also allows you to add more numbers only at 50 nairas per number.

                          How Airtel family and friends works  

Airtel knows you have a lot of loved ones you will love to spend more time with on phone.

However, making you guys stay longer in a conversation they created a plan called FAF [family and friends].

This plan allows you to add your favorite contacts to a list and enjoy calling longer at a reduced call rate.

So they believe they can help by bringing together with your loved one on net and unlash the chance to spend more time with them.

How do they begin to reduce any call rate made by the list of contact add by the FAF list.

The Airtel subscriber is given the access to add about 5 or more contact to their FAF list.
However, Airtel has also added these benefits to every new Airtel SIM pack.

When you subscribe to new you also get to enjoy 800% of every of your recharge.

In addition, if you wish to enjoy the bonuses and call rates you can go into any Airtel SIM card agent and get yourself a new SIM.

   What are the benefits of Airtel’s family and friends’ products?

Here are a few benefits of the family and friends plan.

  • Low call rate
  • Airtel to none Airtel number
  • Long discussion
  • Free recharge bonus

What is the Airtel family and friends plan code

To make use of the Airtel FAF product is very easy you just need to add the numbers you use most to some codes. So the code is *311*2 add the number and press# and the number will automatically be successful.

A message will be sent to you through Airtel to alert you that the number you add was a success. Add the five most selected contact and you can call at a reduced call rate.

How you can Remove & delete family and friends numbers on your phone

You can decide at a time for your personal reason to either delete or remove any contact from your FAF list.

This should be easily done even without contacting customer service.

You can just use this code *311*3* the number# and an alert will be sent to you that such number was removed from your FAF plan.

Repeat the process until you’re done with deleting the contact you don’t want to use on family and friends’ plans.

How you can view added numbers on the family and friends list

You will love to see the contact you have added to your FAF list to do that.

You have to use the code to view all the contact you have added the code is *311*4#. When you dial the code all the numbers on the FAF will be lined out with the message that will be sent.

 What are the Airtel family and friends’ call rates?        

This is the stated list for your number that can make a call at a cheap price.

This actually means the call rate from the list will be very much different from the nonlisted numbers. You have to expect the difference only when using the listed numbers. Coming to this plan is also available for those on the smart connect plan.

You need this plan to enjoy from Sunday-Monday for the peak period which is from 6 am-9:59 pm the call rate is 25 kobo per second.

Then the off-peak break which is from 9:59 pm-5:59 am is 21 kobo per second. However, if you are on the smart connect bonus you will be spending 40 kobos per second.

Note:   Taking advantage of a good deal is the best decision to make.

Airtel is always good at making good deals with their customer and is now up to their users to accept the deal for a better life at a cheap cost.

                 How to register for Airtel family and friends plan

For you to enjoy all these benefits you first have to register for the plan here is how to do that.

The code for the registration is *141*2 then input your Airtel number and#.

After this, a message will pop up congratulating and welcoming you into the world of the FAF plan.

To remove and add another contact you will be charged N20 so first make the right choice of numbers to avoid charges.

I hope you enjoy your calls as you subscribe to Airtel and migrate to the FAF plan. Also, tell your loved ones to migrate and enjoy with you.




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