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Alibaba Business | Alibaba Trade |

If I ask you what you know or what you have heard about the Alibaba business?  I know that you may have heard some or better still may not have heard anything about t the term but if you’re tech informed, you must have at least heard of the word Alibaba.

Alibaba business

On this term called Alibaba Business, it refers to as the business platforms that Alibaba is involved in. The Total of business engagements is here referred to as the term Alibaba Business. When one talks about this term what comes to mind is the Multinational Company owned by Alibaba Group of companies.  The business has three major sites that run the businesses.

 Sites that runs Alibaba Business

 Number one in the sites that run Alibaba is Taobao, Tmall, and Their goal is to carry out business to business and to carry business to their customers. Also, they carry out businesses from customer to customer’s business approach. When it comes to the similarity between them, I can say that they all operate as market places.

However, since they are all form of marketplaces, the Alibaba online marketplace has a great number of customers.

I can boldly say that their businesses have a great competitive advantage over their competitors and such, they’ll always overpower their competitors in any market they find themselves. Comparing the online shopping sites, the Taobao platform is the biggest of them all.

The Platform is for free for every interested user. But users can pay for ads on the platform so that they can stand out from others you’re in the same line of business with them on the platform.

Ways you can be part of Alibaba Business platform

 If you want to be a part of this business platform by Alibaba, it’s quite easy. One thing you should know that it’s a business platform for all businesses. Whatever that happens in business defined. However, the major business is an online marketplace. It’s either you’re here to buy or you’re selling. Once you’re buying or selling, you’re already part of the online business platform by Alibaba.

Let me say here, that anyone who’s on this platform is actually running their own businesses. But if you aren’t a partner yet, you have a chance of becoming one today.

You can even start with buying of Alibaba shares from the New York Stock exchange or you can create an account through any of the sites I mentioned above that do the businesses for Alibaba.

Steps to create Account with the Alibaba business

  • Go to the official Alibaba website at
  • Tap on the join free tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions from the following page and create your account.

Once you’re through with creating your account on the platform, you can now continue with the business on the platform and market your products or buy anything that you want to buy. If you aren’t buying, you can also buy shares, but to do this, you’ll need a stockbroker.






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