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Aliexpress reviews: How to create your account

Aliexpress reviews:  How to create your account is like Amazon in the U.S and like Jumia in Nigeria. It’s the biggest online store in China and it’s owned by Alibaba. Alibaba launched in the year 2010 to provide retail products like phones, computers, consumer electronics, jewelry, clothing, bags, shoes, watches, toys, and many other products.

aliexpress reviews

 In, customers are given the opportunity to buy and sell on the platform. This can take place wherever you’re in the world. Users can make use of the big online retail shop for their buying and selling.  This act of buying and selling is very easy and convenient and it gives lots of comfort selling just from your home.

Aliexpress reviews – Steps to register and login to make sales on

If you want to register on this platform, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your device browser and log on to the homepage
  • Click on the ‘join free’’ link
  • Tap on ‘’See a registration ‘’ form and ‘’Sign  up through ‘’Facebook and commence your registration

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Maybe you don’t have a Facebook account; you need to complete the form above the Facebook button. Fill in a valid email with a Password from 6-20 words. After that, re-enter the password in the given space. Fill in the CAPTCha code (security code from the image) and then, tap on the ‘’Create your account’’.

Scroll to your email box to get the letter and verify your account with the link in the email. However, if you didn’t get the email verification link, you can check your email spam folder.

But once you tap on the verification link, you’ll see the ‘’congratulations message’’ with your name. The message tells you that you’ve successfully joined

 How you can log in to

 To use this platform for your buying and selling, you need to log in to your account. To achieve this, follow the steps:

  • Visit the login page of
  • Provide your email address
  • Key in your password and tap on the ‘’Sign in’’ button

However, if you’re among those that registered with Facebook, don’t enter ‘’Account’’ and /or ‘Password’’. All you have to do is to click on the ‘Sign in with Facebook’’ button.

Ways to place an order on Aliexpress

To have success other on Aliexpress, follow this guide/steps below:

  • On seeing the product on the website, tap on the product name or on the product image. Then, it’ll reveal the detail of the product. Select the specification you want to buy and fill the quantity.
  • Tap the ‘’Buy Now’’ button
  • Enter the necessary information such as a delivery address, type, and quantity to finish your application order.
  • When you’re through with the above steps, click on ‘’place order’’, then, read through the order details and confirm all your order(s).
  • To add a new delivery address, click on the ‘’Add a new address’’ button.
  • Also, you can edit the current delivery, by clicking on ‘’Edit this address’’.

Once your order is confirmed, you’ll be led automatically to the payment page.

 How you can buy products from Aliexpress
  • Search for the products you want to buy on the list of items on the site.
  • Choose any trusted supplier that you want to buy from and check if the product is genuine by tapping on the seller rating link on the page. Then, check the category and the brand page. Its rate depends on the reputation of the seller and this is to make sure you don’t have to buy through a false seller.
  • Visit the features of the product on the product page and confirm the product you want to buy.
  • When you’re through with reviewing the product, tap on the ‘’Contact Now’’ link and you’ll get a clarification on the thing you want to buy. Then, contact the seller via the messaging channels to authenticate your purchase.

Ordering more than one product

To order more than one item, tap on the ‘’add to Cart’’ button on the product page you want to order. You can track all your products if you’re done with those steps above. Product shipping can last between 1-7 days. However, this depends on the supplier. Once your order is shipped, a tracking number will pop up in the transaction corner of your account.

 Through the tracking number, you’ll be able to track your products within the shipping number. The tracking number tells you whether the product is in the city or not. Also, you can have your product delivered to you at your doorstep if customs duty or similar taxes are not included. If so, you’ll have to pay the taxes before you collect them.

Aliexpress in the time of Coronavirus

There was a temporary shutdown of business in china during the supper outbreak of the Corona Pandemic. However, this has adversely affected dropshipping in Aliexpress.

As of March 20, about 60% of Aliexpress workers have gone back to work. This is as a result of zero cases of coronavirus in China. This Aliexpress reviews will help to know what to expect in time as this.

If you’re buying from Aliexpress, feel free to make your orders now as shipping has resumed.  Aliexpress is the place you can make your purchases and be glad you did. I have bought some vinyl photo background for the baby shoot for my studio and it was really working the purchase.

In conclusion

This platform is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can buy and sell products and it is a global platform for sales and purchases. Aliexpress reviews is good for any intending online buyers. So, read and see ho to use this opportunity to buy anything you want online.





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