Amazon Associate account | How to open closed Amazon Associate account


 Amazon Associate account | How to open closed Amazon Associate account

Amazon associate account is an online Affiliate marketing program that is owned by Amazon since 1996. What it does is to help website owners, bloggers and web developers to sell both new and used products online. Both the webinars and the Amazon sellers make money by advertising these new products online.

Amazon associate account

Most people who own Amazon Associate account might have it closed if they don’t use it over a time. And when this associate account if closed, the owners can’t earn any referrals.

Reasons why Amazon may close your Amazon Associate account

There’re several reasons why Amazon can close your  Associate account. Among them are:

Violation of Amazon Logo: Amazon can close your  Associate account if you violate the trademark and logo policy of Amazon. Amazon owns the Kindle Logo and would shut you down as soon as you try to alter it. You must endeavor to have the trademarks disclaimer on your site. Hence, you risk losing your account.

Don’t offer incentives to people to visit or who buy from your link: If you’ve seen or known to offer incentives or rebates to people who use your sites, Amazon can close your Associate account.

Don’t include prices on your sites: You don’t have to include prices on your sites, because Amazon prices change over time. They can as well change and Old price promotion.

So, in case you enter an old price promotion not knowing that there’s a change in price, it becomes a problem for you and the buyer.

Don’t hide your link to Amazon: You visitors must be aware that you’re linking to Amazon. When you hide the link in such a way that buyers won’t know you’re linking to Amazon, your Amazon  account can be blocked.

Make sure you don’t use promotional materials like emails, Sms or any other advertising materials on behalf of Amazon or any of their affiliate sites.

Do not display Amazon product reviews as your testimonials. Since this can convince customers about the product.

Make sure you don’t miss to reply emails from Amazon or provide any of the information required from you.

Don’t share your Amazon affiliate links on the social media. If you want to share your links on social media, visit this URL to learn more on the accepted way to share your links on social media.

How to reopen your Closed Amazon Associate Account

One good news is that you can’t reinstate your Amazon account but you can create a new Amazon  account using the same Login parameters. You can use the same email and the billing address for the closed account. As soon as you create a new one, you’ll receive a new associate ID.


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