Amazon Facebook ads | Best way to sell Amazon Products

Amazon Facebook ads | Best way to sell Amazon Products

Amazon Facebook ads are a very powerful way of driving traffic for Amazon sellers. If you can set up a good and successful ad campaign on Facebook, you’re sure to increase your sales speed, get a better ranking and make more profits.

Amazon Facebook Ads

Through Amazon Facebook ads, you’ll have a great edge over your competitors. Facebook traffic sources remain best for sellers through the Facebook ads campaign.

Being successful in Amazon facebook ads means that you must set up a Facebook page for your business. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can’t run Facebook ads. However, to start, you must have some people to like your page.

Meaning of Amazon FB– Amazon Facebook Ads

There’s no doubt that Amazon has the biggest fulfillment networks globally.  Through the Amazon fulfillment by Amazon, you can store your products and they can pick, pack, ship it and provide the customers’ services for all your products.

Why you should advertise Amazon products on Facebook

It’s a known fact that Facebook has over 2 billion users monthly Facebook allows users to show ads to people and they can easily convert and become customers

Promoting Amazon products with Facebook ads

Facebook ads are very important to Amazon sellers. This is because it boosts their sales and ranking on Amazon. Also, it builds the associate affiliate by attracting audience/fans that can turn into permanent customers tomorrow.

Once you know the brands that you represent, using the right Facebook ads will drive your success faster on the Amazon affiliate marketing platform.

Steps To Add Amazon Facebook Ads

As I said earlier, to add the Facebook Ads for your Amazon products, you must have a Facebook page. But you can’t just create a Facebook page if you don’t have a Facebook account. First of all, you have to create a Facebook account and then, create a Facebook business page.

On your Facebook business page, click on ‘’Create an advert’ to get started. Then, Facebook will lead you to the step-by-step process and you’ll get a hang of creating your adverts. You can click here to get to the Facebook Ads manager.

 Choose ‘’Campaigns’’, so you choose ‘’Create Ad ‘’ thereon page.

What you need for your Amazon Facebook Ads

To create your ads successfully, these are the things that you need:

  • Create a Facebook account
  • Your Facebook page
  •  Creating Facebook Ads Manager account. Go to the Facebook ads manager and click on Create ads.
  • Choose your targeting well
  • Credit card  for paying for the ads services
  • The landing page on your Website

You need to include a link to your privacy policy on your landing page. Because not every customer will give out their emails without being cautious about any Amazon sell before buying a product.

The Benefits of Facebook Ad– Amazon Facebook ads
  • It’s a tool to get to more people to patronize you. This is because of the over 2 billion people that use Facebook. You can easily turn your audience into customers through the Facebook ads manager tool.
  • It makes your products to show to people that are not actively searching for similar products. So, it’s online  Amazon sponsored products or Google search. It’s seen as interruption marketing. Once it shows to people that may not need the products often, they may change their mind to buy it as it lasts.
  • Facebook ads help to leapfrog competitors in the keyword rankings on Amazon. This is because the major key to rankings is the sales speed and conversion rate. By using the Facebook Ads, you can have more people buying from you on Amazon; hence, you can increase your sales velocity and conversion rates to jump ahead of others in Amazon rankings.
  • It helps you to track your results to know how many people you’ve reached with your ad campaign. Ensure to check your campaign stats to know if your ads are working so that you won’t create ads in futility.





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