Amazon Store | How to Sell on Amazon Store with ease


Amazon Store | How to Sell on Amazon Store with ease

  Amazon store is a program offered by Amazon that allows individuals and businesses to sell their products and inventory on the Amazon website (

Amazon is an American online market where users can buy and sell products.

It is an e-commerce marketplace founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in Washington and it’s based there.

Amazon offers a lot of products and services like media, lawn and garden tools, jewelry, watches, sporting goods, etc. Also, in some countries, Amazon has separate retail websites for some countries and international shipping of some of its products to some countries as well.

Reason You Should Sell on Amazon store

There are quite a lot of reasons you should sell your products on Amazon but ill mention just a few;

  • The opportunity to sell to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.
  • It’s quite cheap, you get your money’s worth and it’s simple.
  • Amazon handles your customer service directly.
  • There’s the ability and opportunity to sell fast without having to create a new standalone website.
  • Amazon offers payment fraud protection that aids in the elimination of fraudulent orders for your products.

Things You Need To Know Before You Register To Sell On Amazon

Before you register on Amazon to be a seller, it is quite important you get the points I’m going to outline below sorted out. So, selling on the Amazon store will be a breeze for you.

  • Take your time to think about what you want to sell on the Amazon store before deciding. There are more than 20 product categories open to sellers according to Amazon and at least a minimum of 10 additional categories open to professional sellers. So, choosing what category your products and services are going to fall under can be quite a stress.
  • After you’ve decided on what to sell, think carefully before you choose a selling plan. There are two selling plans offered by the Amazon store; the Professional plan and the Individual plan. Under the professional plan, you are unlimited to the number of products you can sell and the monthly subscription of this plan is at $39.99. The individual does not come with a monthly subscription plan but a $0.99 per item sold charge. Both plans though, pay other selling charges when items are sold.
  • Also, you need to create an account on Seller Central. This is a Web interface where you can manage your selling account, add product information, make inventory updates, manage payments and orders..
  • Finally, be sure to have this information available; your business name, address, contact information, an internationally chargeable credit card with valid billing address, contact information for your clients and Amazon, the address you’re shipping from, phone number that is accessible for when you need to be contacted during your registration and your tax identity information.

How to Open an Amazon Seller Account

  • Visit the Amazon page in your browser.
  • Click on the ‘Selling on Amazon’ tab.
  • Choose the selling plan you’d like to operate under. The option available is; ‘Sell as a Professional’ or ‘Sell as an Individual’. The requirement for each plan is mentioned above under ‘Things you need to know before you register to sell on Amazon’.
  • Enter the required information to officially become a seller on Amazon.


In your browser, tap on the ‘Register now’ button.

  • Fill out the necessary information needed to register you as a seller on Amazon.

Things to do as a Seller on Amazon after you Register

  • List the products you want to sell. You can list products on Amazon in two major ways. Listing products not yet on Amazon: with this, you have to identify UPC/EAN and SKU and list the title and description of the product. Or you can list products that are already on Amazon: here you’ll specify the number of products you have to sell, its condition and your shipping options.
  • Payment for the balance of your orders will be deposited into your bank account, an email notification will be sent to you to notify you that payment has been sent.
  • When an order is placed on your products, Amazon will notify you and you can ship the product by yourself or you can use the Fulfillment by Amazon option where Amazon does the shipping for you.
  • Finally, at regular intervals, Amazon will deposit payment into your bank account and you’ll be notified of these payments.
How to Sell on Amazon Via Fulfillment By Amazon

Using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is one of the best ways to sell your products on Amazon. I’ll be walking you through how to use this option.

  • Look for a product to sell on Amazon.
  • List the product and set a selling price for it.
  • Prepare the item you want to be shipped to an FBA warehouse.
  • Ship the boxed item to the warehouse assigned by Amazon. And Amazon will do the rest of the work and make sure it gets to the end customers.
Steps Amazon takes for the FBA option
  • They’ll verify that the products sent to them are correct and in perfect working condition.
  • Your listing will be activated. This means that your sales name will be placed on the applicable product detail page, and your product will be made available for sale.
  • Your product will then be stored in Amazon’s warehouse until an order is a place for it.
  • When an order is placed, the product will be shipped by an Amazon team member.
  • Your share of the sale will be deposited into your account by Amazon, as soon as your product has shipped. An email notifying of the order being shipped will be sent to you.
  • Every 2 weeks deposits will be made to your account for all product sales of the past 2 weeks.

Benefits of the FBA

  • It offers customers free shipping.
  • Offers fast shipping to your customers too.
  • It gives customers the benefits of return policy offered by Amazon themselves.
  • Customers of FBA have complete rest of mind.
  • And to crown it all, Amazon does all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy the profits.

How To Sell On Amazon Using the ‘Merchant Fulfill’ Option

Merchant fulfill is a seller’s option on the Amazon store which allows you to keep the products you sell on Amazon in a location of your choice. When an order comes in, you get to ship the products to the customers directly.

Costs of Starting An Amazon Seller Account

I’ll be giving you a few tips on the Amazon Seller account startup cost. Starting such an account is relatively cheap.

First and foremost, where you’re getting your products from is important because it can affect your profit and the business cost. Your products mustn’t necessary be from Amazon. You could get items from retail stores, wholesale suppliers or private label manufacturers.

I know the next thing on your mind is “how much it’ll cost you to sell on Amazon. Rest assured, ill be giving you the basic costs but they can vary depending on how much money you are willing to put in and how much you’re willing to improvise to be able to keep costs at the minimal in the beginning at the Professional Seller level.

  • To open an Amazon account costs $39.99
  • To create a professional logo and product branding costs $24
  • Product photography could cost from almost nothing to $294
  • Paying for UPC codes at $10
  • Initial inventory cost at $150

Your total startup cost could be from $224 to $518.

Note: In setting up your Amazon Seller account, you don’t necessarily need a legal business right away, so you can use your Social Security Number (SSN) to set it up.

But if you want to seller on Amazon and you don’t reside in the US, you need a credit card that can be charged internationally like MasterCard or Visa.

You also need a bank in your country that can receive electronic transfer payments from Amazon using the ACH (automated clearing house) system. An address where you receive personal mail. And a number that has your country’s prefix.

A US EIN is also needed. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a resident of the US to have this. It can be obtained from the IRS by filing for IRS Form SS-$, Application for Employer Identification Number.

Amazon Listing and How to Create Them

To create an Amazon listing, simply follow the procedures I’ll be outlining below.

  • Navigate to seller central
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, click on ‘Add a Product’.
  • Tap ‘Create a new product listing’.
  • Pick a category you’ going to be selling your products under. Check to see if your product category is not restricted. If it is, list it under a not restricted category so you don’t have to wait for approval for your product listing.
  • Provide the required information.

Furthermore, fill out this information for your product listing so it can complete your Amazon FBA listing.

  • Title: the name of your product.
  • Manufacturer: this could be your company name or the one you wish to use in the future if you don’t have one yet.
  • Brand: your company name.
  • Price: This can be altered later, so you can provide the price comparable to the lowest Prime price to an identical product. This is so your listing can be published as you can sell anything until Amazon gets your inventory.
  • Supply your UPC code. You can buy one if you don’t have any.
  • Enter the UPC number in the ‘Product ID’ field for your product listing. This code can be gotten from the folder that your UPC JPEG is in.
  • Finally, click ‘Save and Finish’.

Note: your product can be listed to sell on Amazon by merchant and changed later to Fulfilled by Amazon once it’s listed. It’s up to you.

Although, it’s so that it won’t be sold until it’s received at an FBA warehouse where it will be removed from its ‘Inactive Inventory’ status.

FBA Shipping Plan – How to Set Up

This option is so you can offer 2-day free shipping for your products, have your listing bearing the prime logo and win the buy box.

  • Visit the Seller central dashboard and click the ‘Edit Inventory’.
  • Choose the ‘Change to Fulfilled by Amazon’ option.
  • Tap ‘Convert only’.
  • In a few moments, refresh the page. It will automatically be fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Press ‘Print Item Labels’.
  • Tap ‘edit’.
  • Click on ‘Send/replenish inventory’.
  • Choose ‘Case-packed products’. This allows you to send all your products together in a box.
  • Complete the ‘Ship from’ box. The location could be at your house.
  • Fill the Hazmat Review form. This depends on the category you listed under. This is where you let Amazon know how many units per case you’re sending.
  • If your products are not hazardous, you’ll need to download and fill out the exemption sheet.
  • Click on no on the sheet, then save it on your desktop.
  • Upload it on your document and then tap ‘Continue’.
  • Provide the dimensions of your actual individual product and prep information. If you don’t have any knowledge of this information, ask your supplier for the information.
  • Key in the units per case you’re shipping and the number of cases.
  • When asked “if the prep is required?” no is the answer, because either you or your prep/inspection company will be doing that.
  • Click ‘Continue’.
  • if they ask “who labeled?”, choose merchant. You should remember to paste the label on the packaging or that of the company you paid to do it.
  • Amazon will automatically decide what warehouse you’ll send your product to when you create your listing plan. You’ll be notified with the address and you’ll either send it yourself or send it via a freight forwarder to the FBA warehouse. 
  • Youll receives a tracking number from your shipping company once your products have gotten to Amazon. You’re required to place this tracking number in your Amazon seller dashboard.


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