Ann Taylor credit card

 Ann Taylor credit card application : Ann Taylor credit card login 

 Ann Taylor credit card application: Ann Taylor credit card login 

Have you heard about this wonderful credit card in the market? Ann Taylor credit card is one of the best cards that are most suitable for credit card users worldwide.

 Ann Taylor credit card

Unlike other credit cards, Ann Taylor’s credit card has unique features that attract people to register and make use of the card in their daily purchases.

However, credit cards are issued by banks and other financial organizations to their users.

So, you’ve to take time to discover the type of credit card that suits your lifestyle. Credit cards are accepted as a means of payment in America, Europe, and other countries of the world.

Ann Taylor credit cards offer its member with huge rewards points for spending and paying with the card.

Are you interested in Ann Taylor credit card and have been looking for ways to apply? This article is for you.

This write-up explains the application process of Ann Taylor’s credit card and also how to create an online account.

You have to understand that an online account has a password as the key to your account just the same way you can’t enter a door without the key.

Hence, you can’t have access to your online account without entering the correct password.

But, before we proceed, let’s take you to what the Ann Taylor credit card is all about.

All about Ann Taylor 

Ann Taylor is a company that was established in the year 1954 by Richard Liebskind in new haven, Connecticut.

The founder of Ann Taylor Company named his business after a well-known dress sold in his father’s shop.

Today, Ann Taylor’s credit card is issued by comenity bank in partnership with the Ann Taylor retail chain store.

The Ann Taylor retail chain store is the main dealer of women’s items, products and it’s situated in the united state of America.

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Furthermore, the company has its major product such as clothes, shoes, suits, jewelry, petite, and other related products.

In addition, there’s a huge type of goods available in the store which can also be shipped by the company to country of the world on demand.

The Ann Taylor credit card offers its customers different types of reward cards. However, the Ann Taylor card offers its holder 5 points on each dollar spent on any qualified purchases. They also give birthday gifts and allow the cardholders to enjoy a double bonus.

Benefits of Ann Taylor credit card

Did you know all you stand to gain if you are a holder of Ann Taylor’s credit card? Here’re the benefits of this amazing credit card.

  • The Ann Taylor cardholders don’t have to pay annual fees for using this card.
  • It offers a $20 reward card to users after making only one purchase that isn’t at any of the Ann Taylor brands.
  • It also offers 2 reward points for every dollar spent on groceries and gas.
  • More so, it offers 5 reward points for every dollar spent online or in-store at any of the Ann Taylor brands.
  • Holders of this card also receive a $15 birthday gift on every purchase made during their birthday month.
  • In addition, Ann Taylor gives every member a $20 reward card for every 2,000 reward points earned.
  • Members also receive free shipping on orders of $75 made.
  • You’ll receive 15% of your first purchase when opening the card and using it in the first place.

Do you want to enjoy all these benefits mentioned above, then you’ve to register for an Ann Taylor card.

Requirements for Ann Taylor credit card application

For you to be eligible for Ann Taylor’s credit card application, you’ve to meet the following requirements;

  • You’ll need a valid email address from any email provider company [Gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail] and so on.
  • You’ve to provide your names [first, middle, and last name].
  • Statements showing your annual financial income.
  • Your social security number.
  •  Provide your date of birth.
  • Your rural route address or your street address.
  • Your mobile phone number.

Once you have all the following requirements, you won’t experience any problem setting up the card and the customer representatives will contact you when it arrives.

Having learned all you’ll need to have to be able to qualify to apply for Ann Taylor’s credit card, let’s proceed to the step by step process to apply.

What to know before you apply for Ann Taylor credit card

Firstly, you’ll have to understand that the points you collect will expire after 12 months from the day they show in your account. This will happen if only you’ve not changed it to your reward certificates.

However, each of the certificates will expire 90 days after its being given.

So, you’ve to be vigilant enough with the Ann Taylor cards, hence you’ll lose all the points you collected.

Moreover, if all you’re spending happens at Ann Taylor, then you’ll have to spend $400 to earn that certificate; this is also the equivalent of a 5% cashback bonus.

Do you still want o to apply for an Ann Taylor credit card? Let’s continue.

Apply for Ann Taylor credit card

In most cases, it’s called all reward credit cards by the comenity bank.

So, if you see yourself in a platform with all rewards cards as its target application.

Therefore, all you have to do is;

  • Visit the Ann Taylor homepage @ credit-cards/cat47730004
  • Alternatively, just log on to
  • Click on the “apply now” button.
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your date of birth, state security number, and your annual income.
  • Type in your house number, street name, city, and then the state.
  • Fill in your phone details and email address.
  • Go and confirm your email.
  • Check the details you’ve entered to make sure that they are correct.
  • Click on the box below to verify it.
  • Click on the submit button.

You’ve seen from this section that it’s very simple to apply for an Ann Taylor credit card online. However, we’ll continue to how you can activate and log in to the account you created above.

Activate my Ann Taylor  card online

To activate your new rewards credit card, you’ll have to seek the assistance of a specialist.

However, follow the steps below to activate your Ann Taylor credit card account.

  • Using your browser, visit
  • Click on register on the sign-in section.
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter your social security number and the last 4 digits so SSN and zip code.
  • Click on find my account.
  • Connect to your account and activate your new credit card.
 Ann Taylor credit card  Login  steps

Do you find it difficult to log in to your account? Listed below are the steps to do that with ease.

  • Launch your browser and search
  • Enter your user ID
  • Then enter the password.
  • Click on login.


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