AOL Mail | How to Sign up for AOL Mail Services


AOL Mail | How to Sign up for AOL Mail

When you hear AOL mail, what comes to your mind?. This is one of the best and free email services that was created with a very good though simple account interface for easy access to your inbox. You can access this email at any time and in any place in the world. 

AOL mail

Through the AOL  mail sign up, you’ll have access to many limitless email services. It offers users the opportunity to enjoy benefits such as news updates, group messaging and a lot of encouraging benefits.

Who owns AOL Mail?

AOL mail is an email service/product that is owned by AOL. It’s a subsidiary of VeriCommuunications known as ‘’AIM’’ Mail. AOL has been for there for long and has been providing good and free email services to their customers such as Gmail and Yahoo mail does.

How AOL mail works and the Design

These email services work in a way that offers unlimited inbox storage capacity such that it is not available in Gmail unless you have to pay some money. Unlike Gmail, that offers 5GB limit for their non-paid customers, AOL mail offers unlimited space capacity for all their customers whether paid or non-paid customer.

In AOL, you don’t need to delete your unread messages to allow new ones because of limited service.  And quite sure that because of this, many users stick to it. Its unique feature has made many to like it more than most email services.

The Features of AOL email

  • Offers trash and spam folder to enter email address manually.  You’ll use this for redirect email addresses to the spam folders
  • it has a Task Calendar that users can use to add email reminders for their meetings or events manually.
  •  Comes with a Live Chat to enable users to connect instantly with others on a similar platform
  •  Provides auto-response services to help users to customize a message which that will later reply to anyone that sends them a message at a given time.


  • There’s a lot to enjoy as you use this email and one of them is the ability to enjoy customized folders in your inbox to organize and save your messages
  • It provides users with unlimited inbox capacity for storing their messages
  •  Provides easy location of all your messages and sending tools
  •  It has a group of messages between the user and a single sender. And this can appear in a conversation order to enable you to read messages in chronological order.
  • Uses can manage their AOL account from anywhere in the world
  • There’s easy access to all your AOL files and phone contacts wherever you’re in the world.

How to login to your AOL email account

Truly, there’s no way you can make use of your AOL email without login. So, to login below tar the steps to follow:

  • Go the AOL mail application page and click on ‘Get started’’
  • On the login page that appears, it’ll ask you to sign up if you don’t have  an account before, but if you have an account, you can then login with your details
  • Enter your details in the signup page which includes your first name, last name and the email address you want  and use ‘’’’
  •  Select your choice of password and ensure that it’s strong enough for security reasons. It’s better you use a combination of an alphabet and a number.
  •  Key in your mobile number and date of birth, month and year
  • Fill in your gender and tap on the “continue button”. After that, agree to the terms and conditions of the email.

One of the things you’ll enjoy using this email is that it keeps you with updates on your emails at any time in any place. Hence, it offers users with catch-up on all important issues in their lives. 


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