apple pay at walmart

Apple Pay at Walmart – How to  Use Apple Pay at Walmart


Apple Pay at Walmart – How to  Use Apple Pay at Walmart

Common question people ask, Can I use apple pay at Walmart? Most often people ask this question about these two giants. It’s interesting to know that is the largest retailing platform in the world besides Amazon a and apple pay a contactless payment system developed by apple

apple pay at walmart

So, here’s is the question,  and many are now curious to find out if they can pay at Walmart either in stores or online. Sure you’ll find out the answer, just read on.

Apple Pay At Walmart

To be frank, Wal-Mart doesn’t accept apple pay at its store or online. So, there’s no official statement from Walmart as to why. However, I think it’s probably to push awareness for its own payment system, Walmart Pay. Then with this type of payment, you can link your credit, debit, prepaid, or gift card as the Apple pay. So, just like apple pay, you can only make payments using your Walmart pay passcode. Just like apple pay, you’ll need to open an app before you can process your payments.

How you can set up a Walmart pay on your iPhone

Now, since you can’t pay with apple pay on Walmart, it’s important you know how you can set up Walmart payment on your iPhone. If you can set up the payment on your apply device, you can now process the payments platform. To achieve this, you’ll first download the Walmart pay app from your apple app store. After this, install it on your device and follow the steps below to set it up;

  • Open the app in your device
  • Proceed and sign up to your existing account and create a new Walmart pay account. The account is the same as your Walmart account.
  • Click on the payment methods
  • Then add payment details to your account via the Walmart app.
  • Choose or set up a 4-digit password and choose to make use of the Touch ID or Face ID

How you can pay using your Walmart Pay on iphone

If you want to pay with the Walmart pay on your iphone,use the following steps below:

  1. Press and hold the app icon and choose the apple pay option from the pop- up menu. However, you can open the Walmart pay app directly.
  2. Fill in your password,or you select to make use of your Faceb ID or Touch ID to authenticate a payment.
  3. Proceed to scan the generated QR code in order to complete your payment.
  4. Then, you’ll get an e-receipt when your payment is successful.









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