Apps Like TikTok -Top video Apps Like TikTok for Sharing Videos Online


Apps Like TikTok -Top video Apps Like TikTok for Sharing Videos Online

There’re a lot of apps like Tiktok for your video download on social media. Social video networks now attract lots of teens and people who want to display to the entire world their various talents. These talents encompass acting, lip-syncing, dancing, singing, etc.

apps like tiktok

Luckily apps like TikTok uniquely helps them to express their feelings.

Tiktok is part of a select group of social media apps called video makers, video makers are getting more popular.

While TikTok is undoubtedly the most popular there is still another video maker social media app out there.

The most notable feature of video maker apps is that they enable you to record both main camera videos and selfie camera.

After that, you’ll be able to use beautiful filters, cool effects, stunning stickers, and other add-ons to edit your video to create amazing content.

It was hard to edit the videos we shot, especially in the past decade. No good video editor apps were available to edit our videos.

Then Dubsmash came to the market, the lip-sync dialogs of films became so popular among people. But at the time, the Dubsmash app failed to offer the choice of editing videos with filters, effects, stickers, etc.

So naturally, people ran to musically which became the new app in video making. Musically covered a major feature flaw in dubsmash by adding video editing and added popular songs lip-sync.

People loved those concepts, and during a very short time, the music app became viral. Chinese company ByteDance later acquired musically and merged musically with the TikTok app

Top 5 apps like TikTok / Alternatives App

The TikTok app is now trending globally.

Not only is it a video editor app, but it also provides you with a platform to post your videos and it provides a wide amount of viewers.

These forms of apps are called social video networks. Yes, as people can post videos on their profile, follow, comment, and share the videos with others.

That’s why video social networks have become increasingly popular. If you simply use the TikTok app, your editing skills shouldn’t be limited.

You must even be showing your talent on other social video networks by now.

  • Dubsmash

Dubsmash first entered the marketplace for lip-synch video so we will be placing it on top.

The major early feature of Dubsmash is that you’ll just lip-sync on popular dialogs of films and television shows within the earlier stage.

But now it’s completely updated.

Now you can post your video music, quotes, or sounds.

Dubsmash has the world’s largest sound library, including new movie quotes, best TV quotes, fun musical sounds, and so on.

You can watch and review the most amazing dubs within the Dubsmash community.

They also run various challenges there like Beat, Mannequin Challenge, and JuJu.

You’ll edit your dub with text and funky stickers to create it more attractive.


LIKEE is India’s own community for video sharing. The app offers trendy videos of lip-syncing music, video status, dance performances, entertaining shows, and more.

LIKEE offers 300 + unique magic effects for video editing tools and a decent collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, and European pop clips.

It also provides Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood music, movies, and drama dialogues.

You can make close friends with you and play a duet with talented people from everywhere in the globe. With face emoji stickers, various filters, magic music filters, touch magic graffiti, 4D magic, AI-powered superpowers, etc.

Video editing tools, you’ll be able to record and edit videos.

Although LIKEE is a TikTok media rival, it still provides the choice to share your videos directly with various social media sites.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a short video maker app that enables you to create funny short videos.

In only 15 seconds, you’ll be able to show the world your talent, like singing, dancing, comedy, cooking, art, beauty, etc.

There are cool ways to create your video more attractive, you’ll be able to add animated stickers.

They need a real-time camera that will magically smooth your skin, even out skin tones, remove blemishes, and widen your eye while recording.

Even for your followers, you’ll do live streaming. you’ll meet people in your area or around the world with similar interests.

Collaborate and increase your followers with people you wish.

With the correct people, they promote your video so you’ll be able to get more reach.

The simplest part is that if your video gets enough views, likes, and comments, it gives you flames.

Flames can be converted into cash and redeemed for other rewards on Vigo video.

Yes, that’s true. Simply make and post videos on Vigo Video, you’ll be able to earn money.


Kwai is one in all the most effective social video networks.

You’ll be able to gain numerous fans around the world here and receive rewards and cash income.

You can edit videos with 4D motion effects, animated filters, dynamic stickers, various text fonts, etc. with Kwai.

It also has basic video editing tools like trimming, cutting, cropping, merging, stitching.

Along with your favorite movie scenes, songs, dramas, you’ll be able to do transcription by adding popular and latest music.

On your personalized video feed, watch hot trending videos, comedy & prank videos, lip-sync & dubs plus lots more.

You can share the 48-hour kwai stories. you’ll work with others and build your network, a bit like other apps.

Start creating short videos with Kwai on smart devices for iOS and Android.


Funimate is one of the simplest social video networks. You can win lots of fans around the world here and receive rewards and cash income.

On your video feed, you can watch hot trending videos that include singing, dancing, magic, and more.

Plus there are Fun challenges, dance battles, and special events that are regularly hosted by them.


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