Backup Facebook files | How to Backup Facebook File


Backup Facebook files | How to Backup Facebook data for future use

You can backup Facebook files for future use if you plan to delete your Facebook account or for easy retrieval in case you mistakenly lost some of your uploaded files on Facebook. When you backup Facebook files, you can have your offline copy of all the files such as photos that you’ve posted to the social media platform in one folder.

Backup Facebook

Once you have this backup, you store them on a CD, DVD or on your computer. This is very important if Facebook crashes and burns your pictures and other personal information you have won’t get lost.

Most people won’t take this seriously until they have lost important information that they uploaded on their Facebook account. Don’t have I’ve not lost any data on Facebook, you won’t be very sure that nothing will happen to your account tomorrow.

You can read this article and share it with anyone who is active on Facebook so that they can back up their Facebook data.

The Benefits of Backup Facebook files

Users of Facebook benefits from the Facebook backup file tool. It gives users the opportunity to backup information that they shared on Facebook. So, when you have your own copy of your files, you can have the offline copy of your uploaded data on Facebook.

Why will you Backup Facebook Files?

Of course, nothing is permanent. In most cases, social media sites can shut down for some technical reasons. Most times, it can be suspended by the government for some reason. The most painful aspect of it is when social media crashes.

But when this accident happens and you have a second plan to fall on such as the Backup Facebook on your account, you won’t have to cry your eyes out for the loss.

What kind of data to Backup on Facebook

You can easily and conveniently download all the posts, pictures and videos that you have shared on Facebook at one time or the other. Users can as well download their backup messages and chats of other Facebook users. It includes both their personal profile info on their timeline and Facebook page.

More so, a Facebook user can download the list of their friends, pending friend requests, their groups, the ads they clicked on and all the list of their followers on their pages.

How to Backup Facebook uploaded files

Backing up your information on Facebook isn’t hard as many would think. It’s quite simple; all you require is to go to the Facebook data link from your Facebook general setting section on your Facebook account. To achieve this, follow the steps down here:

  •  On your computer, log in to your account (Laptop or desktop). You can’t use your mobile for this purpose.
  • Look for the tiny arrow at the upper right corner of your page and tap on the ‘Setting’’ near the bottom
  • From the above, It’ll take you to ‘’General settings’’
  • Here, you’ll see a link that’ll ask you to  ‘’Download a copy of your Facebook data’’
  • Tap on it to show you another page saying ‘’Download your information’’
  • It’ll show you ‘’get a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook
  • Click on it to reveal another page ‘’ download your information’’
  • From here, you’ll see a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook
  • Click the green ‘Start my archive’’ button and download your Facebook data.

Once you’re through with this, a pop-up box appears asking you to confirm if you want to create an archive. Tap on the blue ‘’Start my archive’’ Button.

Thereafter, Facebook will ask you to verify your ID again before you have access to download the file. Immediately, Facebook will start creating your personal archive as a download file.

It’ll send you a message telling you that you’ve got an email when you download the file.

Through this link, it’ll lead you back to Facebook and then, you’ll re-enter your Facebook Password. When you’re through with this step, you can now have access to save the file as a Zip file on your computer.

Choose the folders you want to save the files and save them in the folders you choose. Then, open the folder to see a file with the name ‘index’’.Click on it twice to reveal the basic HTML WebPages that links to all the fills you’ve downloaded.

Your Final settings

After a successful process, all your album will be saved in its own folder. It’ll show a picture in a folder known as ‘’Photos’’. However, all your HTML files and images will save in a different image file.  Also, your HTML file will come under the timeline.

This feature of Facebook makes sure that your data on Facebook is safe. Therefore, you can access your data any time you so desire. Lastly, I advise you to take this action now and create your Backup Facebook files now to save yourself some stress of losing a file or any accidental crash of  Facebook account.  


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