Badoo dating site | Meet singles and find love |All you need to know


Badoo dating site | Meet singles and find love |All  you need to know

Badoo dating site is an online dating site or dating app that has more singles than the Tinder. If you want to hook up with new friends and date, Badoo dating site is the easiest way to achieve it.

Badooo dating site

Through the Badoo dating app, you can easily find friends and hook up. Badoo dating app is free to use and download. Though, if you need the premium functions, you’ll need to pay to unlock it.

It helps you to discover people that are nearby in any location you find yourself.  Presently, Badoo dating site has over 345 million active users worldwide.

What is Badoo dating site is about?

Badoo is a dating app and also a social discovery app that you can access from your iOS and Android devices. In addition, you can visit it from your desktop or laptop browsers. It’s in over 190 countries and in 47 languages across the world. It’s a platform where singles can meet and hook up.

How Badoo works

As soon as you download the Badoo app on your device, you’ll be asked to sign up or create an account. However, you can create an account with your Facebook account. From there, you’ll be ushered into the onetime tutorial on the features and how to use them. This step is achieved through the navigation bar running through the bottom with four buttons that shows the four core features.

Requirements for creating Badoo dating site account

 To create your account, you’ll need an email address, name, gender, date of birth and the reason for creating an account with the dating site.

Creating your Personal profile

You’ll only be able to meet people on the site when you’ve successfully created your profile. Once the account is ready, you can now upload your photos, videos and even edit your biodata.

Also, you can access your profile by tapping on the ellipsis icon above the top left corner. Just tap on your name. As you click on the profile, you’ll now verify your mobile phone number and your Facebook account.

Users can update the entire menu of their interest. You can choose to update details about you, relationship, work or favorite color and foods. Through the desktop version, you can upload more pictures and on the site.

Uploading of photos and creating photo albums

Photos are very important to show yourself and what you look like. To upload photos, tap on ‘’Add photos of you’’, However, you can add images from Facebook or Instagram accounts using the existing photo option. In case you don’t want to use this option, you can take a direct photo with your Smartphone. It has an option where you can create your own album on this dating site.

Controlling comments is easier on your albums than other dating apps. To achieve this, use your Settings >>photos>> and videos, select the person you’d wanted to comment on the photos and videos that you have sent on the app. When you’re done with this, tap on the ‘SAVE’ button to finish your changes.

Searching for people near you on Badoo dating app

To search for people, just scroll to ‘People nearby’ on the app and you’ll see the users near you. Click on the filter at the top of the right side of the app to see the people’s gender, location, and age.

Though, you can search for their body type, sexuality, relationship status and even their star sign.

Chatting with People on Badoo

To commence chatting with people, you’ve to verify and confirm your Facebook account. Then, tap on ‘Chat’.  If you want to check your messages,  tap on the ellipsis on the top left side of the corner of the app and go to ‘message’. It offers you an option to block anyone who’s harassing you on the Badoo dating site.

 Seeing people that like you

To see those that have liked you, tap on the ellipsis on the top left-hand corner and tap on ‘’Liked you’ below your connection.

How to rate photos

If you noticed that someone has an interest in you, just rate the person’s photos by clicking on ‘Rate this photo’ at the button of the photo.

 The Encounters

Encounters enable you to find and locate more loving and exciting people on the dating site. It shows pictures of attractive users that may possibly match your interest.

Buying of Badoo Super Powers

With the Superpowers, lots of people will want to see you and meet with you. This helps you to see those that like you most and chat with the influential Badoo users. In addition, it helps to promote your messages.

Superpower costs $24.99 for three –month subscription or a lifetime superpower pass for $59.99 as a one-time payment instead of using the subscription plan. However, it offers the option of buying a six-month subscription, one-month, or one-week subscription. If you’re subscribing to any of these, you can pay through your credit card, Google play (on Android) or PayPal.

Free Seven-day Trial

Badoo offers a free seven-day trial that gives you free super Powers to see those that liked you. With it, you can chat with popular users and have access to unlock your favorite folder. You can use it to change your vote, go incognito, chat with new users firstly and have your chats at the top of other users’ Message center.

Using the Badoo premium features advantages

The premium features can be very useful if you use them. Such features include Rise up and spotlight. It helps and makes it easier for you to be noticed by drawing your attention to other users.

With the spotlight, you can place your photo on top of the page for people nearby you to see it. If you’re using the rise up, you’ll have your profile displayed at the top of every search of the people in our location.


There’re lots of dating apps, but Badoo is a trusted dating site that is sure to give you want you to need. Many across every country of the world use Badoo dating app. So, give it a trial and you’ll be glad you did.



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