best credit card nerdwallet

Best credit card Nerdwallet | Apply and get approval

Best credit card Nerdwallet | How to apply and get approval

Best credit card Nerdwallet-They’s some credit cards I’ll be suggesting for you in this article. Each of this credit card that I’ll be listing, have one or two things you’ll benefit from it. Nerdwallet is an American personal finance company that started existing in the year 2009. Two men founded this financial platform and they’re, Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson.

best credit card nerdwallet

However, this financial platform offers an app and also a website that renders assistance to users in making their financial decisions. This platform produced a web application that offers good information’s about credit cards. And this is the first project of Nerdwallet.

Nerdwallet has one goal, which is to help users in making good financial decisions. The company provides information that’ll educate users in making their financial decisions. When you visit their platform, you’ll get information like, credit cards, insurance, banking, investing, and more.

Most of the information you’ll get from this platform is information that involves a financial transaction. When you visit their site, you’ll see credit cards that have good cashback which you’ll get when you make use of it.

Before I proceed, let me quickly list the best credit cards for Nerdwallet.

Best Credit Cards for Nerdwallet

Nerdwallet has so many credit cards listed on their website that can benefit users. I’ll be listing some of them below.

  • Compare Cash Back: this is a credit card for good credit. It has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee.

Blue Cash Proffered card from American Express

Annual fee: $0 introduction for the first year and a continuous fee of $95.

Reward Rate: 1% to 6% cashback on every purchase you make.

Intro Offer: $300

Recommended credit score: 690 to 850, it should be from good to excellent credit score.

Chase Freedom Flex

Annual fee: 0% annual fee

Reward Rate: 1% to 5% cashback

Recommended credit score: 690 to 850 credit score

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Annual fee: $0

Reward Rate: 1.5% to 5% cashback

Introduction offer: $200

Recommended credit score: 690 to 850 credit score

SunTrust Prime Rewards Credit Card

Annual fee: $0

Reward rate: 1% cashback

Introduction fee: $100

Recommended credit score: 690 to 850

All these credit cards and more are some of the best credit cards that you’ll find in Nerdwallet. When you visit their online platform, you’ll see more of these credit cards. This platform is one of the credit unions that has a good relationship with eight banks and so many insurance companies all around the world.

I can say that this company is transparent and self-critical when it comes to management and style. With Nerdwallet you can enhance your credit score. All the information that can help you do that’ll be seen in their online platform.

This platform can track your income and all the expenses made, it’ll also handle your credit score issues. It’ll also create a good financial credit score for you. What you’ll stand to gain by using this platform is much. You can visit their website through

How to Apply and Get Approved for a Credit card in Nerdwallet

This platform is open for all, mostly those who want to apply for a credit card. In case you want to apply for a credit card on this platform, you can follow the listed steps below. All the steps I’ll be listing are very easy and also easy to follow.

·     The first thing you should note is that your credit score is not one of the most vital factors that’ll be required from you. It’s always the card issuer’s decision to either accept or reject your application.

  • Accessing your credit card requires the help of some important scoring models like FICO and Vantage score.
  • Always try to make your credit payment on time. Because helps in increasing your credit score. When your credit score is low, your application might be rejected. So to be on the safer side, you make your bill payment on time. Also, avoid new debt and your balance on your credit card.
  • You can call the card issuer to ask about the specific card you might want to apply for. Also, try to get the requirement of the card before applying for it. This will help you and make your application to be accepted fast. When you apply for a credit card without knowing the propel requirement for it, your application might be rejected.
  • When applying, add everyone in your income or earnings in your application. Most times the card issuer might want to calculate your debts and your income ratio. This is because he or she wants to know if you’re worthy to receive the card you’re applying for.
  • Don’t give up, keep trying even when your application is denied. Most time your requirement might be correct and you will still be denied. All you need to do when this happens is to call the card issuer to reconsider your application.

Finally, this platform which is Nerdwallet has some helpful tools that’ll help improve your financial decision.  This company will provide you with some complicated money topics and also questions that’ll help understand more.






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