Best Facebook Ads | Steps to create Best Facebook Ads

Best Facebook Ads | Steps to create Best Facebook   Ads

Getting the best Facebook Ads depends on your Targeting. If you want your Facebook ads to do pretty well, you’ve to do a good targeting. Having the best Facebook Ads will help you to get super specific about what audience your ad reaches.

Best facebook ads

Best Facebook ads- Why you need it

Social media has taken over a lot of activities that drive business and one of them is advertising. Facebook is a social media platform that most big and small companies find irresistible to use for business/brand marketing.

If you’re considering using digital marketing, having the best Facebook ads will go a long way in helping you.

To achieve this, you have to create great Facebook ads to your targeted audience. Your audience can be in age, gender or location. Each time you create Facebook ads, the analytics will enable you to see how the ads are performing. It offers you the chance to make them better by A/B by testing the different options available.

What makes Best Facebook Ads?

Apart from your audience targeting, you need to present your article or brand well such that it has to capture the attention of the audience.

You have to make your ads stand out. It has to be exceptional and distinguished. Your ads should be able to stop users to scroll and read it over and over again. Hence, the ads should be able to direct traffic to your post-click landing pages.

Other things that make Best Facebook ad are:

  • Headline – if you must convince your visitors to click on your ad, you need a good headline. It must be outstanding and should highlight your unique value proposition.
  • Quality Photo- Image ads are very much popular, hence, the FB algorithm favors visual content more than the written content. This is because images are more sharable and memorable than the textual content.
  • Illustration- use illustration photo or image to pass or drive home your message easily.
  • Don’t use a particular ad copy many times. This can make your visitors tired of reading the same thing over and over and it can cause your CTR to drop.

Types of Facebook Ads

Basically, there’re two types of FB ads that you can use:

  1. Sponsored Posts- These are the posts that appear directly in the Facebook Newsfeed. Your users see the Ads are they scroll on FB. It features posts from close friends.

Best Facebook ads

2. Right-Hand Column Ad-This appears at the right-hand column of the Facebook feed. It’s smaller and can be scrolled past just like the sponsored posts in the Newsfeed. This kind is used by marketers for retargeting purposes.

How to target your ads on Facebook

These are ways to target your ads on Facebook:

  • Location-With this, you can target by location i.e. City, state or country.
  • Gender-Gender targeting allows you to target male or female gender.
  • Custom audiences-this allows targeting already existing customers or leads
  • Interest-You can target by interest such as fitness, Fashion, literature, entrepreneurship.
  • Connections-With this, you target people that already liked your page or those that have connections that you have
  • Behaviors- enable you to target by past behavior such as people visiting your website.
How to write a Good Ads on Facebook
  • Choose your audience or target market using Facebook target. Your text should be personal such that it can meet the emotional need of your targeted audience.
  • Create different Facebook ads to different groups of people
  • Your ads must portray the vision of your company.
  • It must have a short message and simple so that visitors can easily understand it. Hence, you have to avoid using big words.
Best tips for creating Facebook Ads

Creating ads on Facebook can be confusing to people when they don’t know how to do it. If you’re one of those you get confused about creating ads, this article will guide you. Just follow the steps below:

  • Create a Facebook page on your Facebook account
  • Create a  call t to action  on the page
  • Use the audience targeting strategy. This is the group of people that you won’t see your Facebook ads. The targeting can be based on  age, gender or location
  • When you’ve known your type of audience, you can now write a clear and short message as a headline
  • Your headline must go with a good quality image and creative enough to arrest the attention of your visitors
  • Use the areas of description to remove congestion on the call to action (CTA).
  • Be sincere with numbers- if you’re selling a physical commodity, people will like to know how much it costs. However, if you’re running a sale, people will like to know the percentage off they can get.
  • Test your Ad copy- If you want to improve on your Facebook Ad copy, you can run tests. You can spend a small amount of money to try things out. Out of your experience, you can now copy write your works.





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