Best free antivirus software for your computers


Best free antivirus software for your computers

Best free antivirus software -Your computer security is of paramount importance to you than anything you have on your computer. This is no gainsaying because once your desktop or PC is affected by a virus; you may lose most if not all your documents. So, to have a smooth-running PC, you need strong antivirus software for protection against Malware.

best free antivirus software

There’re some paid antirust suites with many features that can protect children online. With this, you can have better protection on your Smartphones and so on. I am just surprised that most people can’t just use this to protect their devices. Well, I think it might be because of the one-year subscription fee or sheer neglect.

Best Free Antivirus software

If you’ve been looking for the best free antivirus software, you’re in the right place. You can easily access the free antivirus software here.

Avast Free Antivirus

In the long list of the numerous antivirus software available, we’ve Avast Free antivirus at the top of them. Avast offers more superb malware protection. It gives more protection than most of the paid antivirus suites.

Avast free antivirus has a more friendly interface and useful features, a password manager and a network scanner. I want to recommend Avast to you with all trust for the perfect protection of your PC.

Download Avast Free antivirus

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Bit defender is another great malware – detection software that you’ll be proud of. This free antivirus is perfect for your device. In addition, it has a very system-performance impact on your system.

Though, the free edition is hard to figure out and hard to schedule a scan. It works best for those who want a set-it- and forget-it security option.

AVG-Antivirus software

AVG is a part of the Avast Company and they have a similar function in common. They have the capacity to protect your system like the super Kaspersky antivirus. AVG has little more useful features than the Avast Free antivirus.

AVG has a wide range of options still intact; though, you’ve to upgrade to payable AVG software.


Thought Avira is good, but it’s still below performance when you compare it with Avast and AVG. It has a heavy system – performance thereby making Avast an AVG more tolerable. Though Avira has more degree of customization than others.

Moreso, it offers a more wide range of free add-on features including a VPN and password manager. But of these new features are for the paid Avira paid versions.

Windows defender

Windows defender is another free Antivirus software that offers you good system protection for your computer. It’s a part of the windows 8.1 and windows 10. It has a high system impact on a full scan. But it doesn’t offer extra features when you don’t want to pay for the antivirus protection.

Panda Free Antivirus

Panda is a good free antivirus that works better on Windows 10 than on Windows 7. There are a lot of false positives and files mistakenly seen as malware.

Panda has more system performance and a lesser customizable user interface. One of the worse things it does is hijacking your web browser settings and doesn’t allow system-data collection.


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