Password manager app- There’s no need trying to remember that your unique, long, complex password you’ve in all your online accounts. So, instead of that, use a password manager which will remember each password for you.  It’ll strengthen your security and reduce your risk in case of any data breach.

Password manager app

If you’re using the password manager, the only password you need to remember is is just a single ‘’Master ‘’ password for the Password Manager.

Just Tom’s guide said, the following password managers that will be reviewed in this article are based on user experience, support from the platform, security and overall performance. You’ve found the best overall password manager to be Dashlane and Last Pass.

These Password managers offer ideal packages with ease of use, more convenience and security. Below is the best Password manager.

Some of the best Password manager app(s)


Dashlane is one of the best-designed desktop applications. It’s a tool that changes your passwords on more than hundreds of websites simultaneously. Recently, it got a new fully-added interactive website interface and also support for Linux and Chrome OS.

Though, LastPass has a price advantage because the free version is unlimited and as well.  As well, the paid versions are not expensive like the Dashlane.


LastPass is an easier to use choice award Password manager app. I think this is because of its ease of use and support for major platforms. It’ also has more range of features more configurations and a low subscription per annum ($24).

It’s free version syncs with unlimited devices with almost the same features as the paid version. LastPass is a full-featured web interface software that lives in your browser. So, you don’t have to install it again since it’s entirely in the browser extension. We see Last is considered the Best Valued Password manager.


This  Password manager app is wholly free on the Desktop but costs a flat fee of $9.99 on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows phones. It’s very good at handling basics but you’ve to sync your devices via Dropbox or like devices like the iCloud.

The mobile app is very good at handling biometric logins. Enpass has local sync feature which makes it an ideal app for users you gets skeptic about putting their data online. Though Enpass is not much better than the free version of LastPass or the Zoho Vault.


1Password is now available for Windows and Android users just as it is for the Mac And iOS. Though most of the functions seem clunkier as they’re in the most recent password managers. The Price is  $35 per annum.

Recently, it asks new users to sign up for a year cloud subscription for $36. While Mac users can buy an older stand-alone app and sync their local devices.  Cloud subscribers can only use the 1Password  killer feature. This app has that great form-filling capacity but lacks that true-factor authentication.

Zoho Vault

This is another larger suit free for individual personal use as a password manager app. But it can be used by families for $12 per year. Though you won’t get the consumer-friendly features like the personal-data filing or bulk password changer it offers all the essentials.

It doesn’t behave like the Enpass in syncing,  it does the syncing for you with its own servers. Despite the syncing, it does it for free on your desktop, laptop, and mobile phones. The only challenge is that Zoho Vault trips over Google Logins sometimes.


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