Burlington Gift Card | Burlington Gift Card Apply | Balance

The Burlington Gift Card | Burlington Gift Card Apply | Balance

Burlington gift card is a nice package for customers for those that shop at the Burlington Coat Factory. It’s a card that you can use to make purchases online or in-store for purchasing items at the Burlington.

Burlington gift card

You can use this opportunity to give your dear ones a surprise package. With Burlington gift cards you can make your loved ones happy.

 As a lover of clothes, you’ll find this gift card more useful. For those who love accessories such as bags, jewelry, watches, and wrist watches, you’ll find this very interesting.

In case you don’t know, Burlington Coat Factory is known as a major producer and dealer in quality fabrics for different purposes for men, women, girls, boys, and babies.

Various types of Burlington gift cards

The gift card comes in a paper gift card or an eGift card. It comes the way you want it and you have lots of them to choose from. Here are the types of Burlington gift cards:

  • Happy birthday Glitter egift card
  • The Sparkles cupcakes egift card
  • Congrats dots egift card
  • The congrats burst egift card
  • I love you an egift card
  • Love text egift card
  •  The baby clothesline egift card
  • Baby depot elephants card

How to buy Burlington gift card

If you want to buy the gift card online you can purchase it at www.burlingtonstores.com. In addition, you can get the gift card at any Burlington store location nationwide. All you have to do is to locate any store near you. But if you can’t find any, use the store locator.

Rewards of Burlington Gift card

  • It helps users to save up to 65% off other retailers’ prices.
  • You can get new items easily
  • It provides convenience in purchases
  • enables you to get a gift to your loved one and they can exchange the gift for a commodity.

Places you can use the Burlington Gift Cards

Once you have this gift card, you can use it to make purchases online at www.burlingtonsstores.com or in any Burlington store near you.

Checking Burlington Gift card balance

  • Go to https://www.burlington.com/giftcardbalance.aspx
  • Provide your gift card number in the space created and provide your PIN you’ll see at the back of the card
  • Tap on the  Check Balance  tab
What of using of Multiple Burlington gift card?

Of course, you can use up to 5 gift cards online in one order. However, the gift card is in use in combination with your credit card or PayPal.

What you should know about using the card

You must know that you can’t use the Burlington gift cards without a PIN. The PIN is what you use to make purchases online. In case your gift card is rejected, you can verify if you have enough funds.  Then, verify that you entered the right PIN.

In case you have a canceled purchase online, a new egift card will be sent to you and the payment for the shipping will also be mailed to you.

When you have a lost gift card, Burlington stores will not be held responsible. Also, if you want to reload your gift card, just go to burlingtonstores.com, navigate down the page and find the gift card link.

Steps to send the Burlington gift card

When you’ve ordered for the gift card, it’ll be sent to you in a mail within 3 working business days. The card will be sent to you through USPS and you’ll be allowed 10 working days to allow the card to get to its destination.

Customer care of Burlington gift card

For any complaints or inquiries, call the customer care at (855) 355-BURL (2875. You should know that the hours are from M-F 8am-8pm EST.

Though the offices don’t operate on major holidays. But you can make your purchases on other working weekends at any of the stores nationwide.






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