Business on Facebook | Easiest way to create a Facebook Business Page


Business on Facebook | Easiest way to create a Facebook Business Page

Businesses on Facebook are a sure way you can take your business to your customers from the comfort of your home using your phone or your Laptop or Desktop.

Business for Facebook

In the world we live in today, Business on Facebook plays a vital role in the spread of information; be it sending or receiving information through the  2 billion monthly active users and counting. With the social media platform boasting of over 1.6 billion active monthly users, businesses can successfully take advantage of this and use Facebook as a marketing platform for their businesses and establish an online presence and helps in making your brand easily discoverable and make interaction with customers a breeze. Owning a Facebook business page helps to accomplish this motive.

Owning a Facebook business page helps in advertising said business on the app and growing your clientele base and growing your business. Your business page can readily act as a customer service platform for your business. To own a Facebook business page, the business must not necessarily be attached to a personal account.

Benefits of owning a Facebook Business page

In creating a Facebook business page, it’s quite important you consider the pros and cons before engaging but worry not because the pros far more outweigh the cons. Below are quite a number of benefits businesses expect to enjoy by creating a Facebook business page to grow your business on Facebook.

  • Access to a large number of audiences (with its 1.19 billion followers), not available onsite.
  • It helps in growing business brand faster.
  • Offers a cheap online marketing tool because Facebook is free.
  • It helps you monitor your business online growth with Facebook Insight.
  • Helps you keep up with trends, industry changes, etc.
  • Easy customer management.
  • Helps to improve business performance and earnings.
  • Makes it quite easy for online users to discover and interact with your business online.
  • Gives you the opportunity to easily add features that are quite difficult to implement on your website like running a contest for customers and promotions.
  • Offers an advertising platform with a small price tag even if you opt to pay for custom applications or the services of a developer.
  • It helps to extend your business reach and earnings when you advertise.
  • Serves as a customer service platform.
  • Helps you reach a targeted and specific audience.
  • It helps in building brand loyalty.
  • Boosts SEO.
  • Increased business opportunity.
  • It serves as an efficient communication channel between customers and business owners.
  • Boosts services and product confidence.
  • It provides an edge over competitors.
  • Offers product mobility.
  • Boosts website traffic.
  • Helps business owners build long term relationships by gathering new leads.

Steps to signing up a Facebook account

Signing up for a Facebook account in order to open a business page comes at no cost and is easy to set up. Following the easy and efficient steps below provides you with a Facebook account;

  • Log on to Facebook on your browser or download the app from the Google playstore on your mobile device.
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’.
  • When the ‘Sign Up’ page appears, fill in the necessary information required; first name, surname, email or phone number.
  • Enter the password you would prefer to use on your Facebook page.
  • Key in your date of birth and specify your gender.
  • Tap ‘Sign Up’.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation mail or a code in an SMS on your email address or phone respectively. Be sure to enter the code in the text box shown on the homepage and click ‘Verify’.

How to login to your Facebook account

Simply log in to your Facebook account by following the steps below and providing our login details.

  • Enter your Facebook app on your phone or on your browser by entering the Facebook URL;
  • Enter your login details in the required boxes, phone number, and password or your email address. 
  • Click on ‘Login’.

Facebook business page requirements

To create a Facebook business page, the requirements mentioned below are not set in stone. But they’d go a long way in helping you efficiently attract followers to your page because it projects the image of efficiency and confidence, and also makes it easier to be found. Here are a few important and basic requirements when you create your Facebook business page.

  • A business name or logo and make sure to ensure that your Facebook business page name is the same as your business name so you can easily be found.
  • Make sure to include a call to action on your page so people would know what action to take.
  • Be sure to provide a profile and cover picture; preferably your logo in one of these.
How to create a Facebook business page

As you’ve set up a Facebook account, creating a Facebook business page will come easily once you’re logged in to your account.

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on ‘Page’ on the top left of your Facebook profile, and click on create page tab to create a page (note that you can create a page by also click on ‘Create Page’ on the drop-down menu in the top right of any Facebook page).
  • Choose a classification for your business page in the various categories provided. If your business fits into more than one category, choose a category that would readily come to a customer’s mind.
  • Once you’ve selected a category, you’ll be redirected to where you are expected to enter basic information like your business name, address and page category to further describe your business.
  • Tap on the ‘Get Started’ tab.
  • Upload a profile picture to help a customer find your page easily; be sure to upload your logo or an image that your customers know are popular with your brand if you don’t have a logo.
  • Add a cover picture.
And with these simple steps, your business page on Facebook has been created. See? It’s not that hard.
  • Furthermore, you can customize your page using the ‘Templates and Tabs’ option in your page settings. This helps you control how you want your page to look like.
  • Add collaborator to your page like an editor or analyst or moderator.
  • Add a short description that tells people about your business, this option allows for a short 2 to 3 sentences in concise and clear terms.
  • Click save when you’re through typing.
  • Tap on ‘About’ in the left-hand menu of your page and provide the finer and detailed points of your business services and products.
  • Tap ‘Edit Story’ on the right side of your page and enter a detailed description of your business and why people should follow or like your page and engage with you online.
  • Click on the ‘Edit Page Info’ on the top right of the screen to specify your business location and working hours and other information, then click on ‘Save Changes’.
  • And finally, add content to your page by publishing your first post.
How to create a Facebook business page without having a personal account

If you want to create a business page on Facebook and are worried you won’t be able to because you don’t have a personal account on Facebook. Have no worries because it can be done.

  • Create a Page by clicking here.
  • Click on ‘Get Started’ tab.
  • Choose a category and click on ‘Get Started’ under the category.
  • Enter the necessary information required in the boxes provided and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • You will be redirected to the Facebook login page where you will be required to enter the login details of your Facebook account, click on ‘I do not have a Facebook account’.
  • Enter your email address and date of birth and your business page without a personal account is ready.

Note that this page will have limited access.


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