PayPal School Payment Solutions| Good Political Campaign Fundraising

PayPal School Payment Solutions |Good Political Campaign Fundraising

PayPal School Payment Solutions is really a big shot and has grown a long way in the online transaction industry and it keeps expanding. Their fundraising is one of the ways in which this company has expanded. With PayPal fundraising, you can get a fast and easy way to start fundraising online, accept donations online and in person.

PayPal School Payment Solutions

 The PayPal School Payment Solutions | Easy PayPal School Payment Solutions

Through the PayPal school payment solutions for your school is a great way to make things easier for you to get paid. Users can make payments online or in person, using a credit card, debit card or PayPal. if you do not have a PayPal account already open a PayPal account in a very short time, if not in a couple of  minutes. With this system, you can skip trips to the bank with the digital transaction.

The PayPal School Payment Solutions is quite affordable for everyday fees and discounts for charities can assist your school keeps more of every dollar. If you want to find out more about this, visit the website below:

PayPal Nonprofit Fundraising For your spending

Through this platform, it’s possible for donors to give online and they don’t need a PayPal account to donate. You can use PayPal too.

 Via this, they Reach new donors and then, tap into the growing PayPal base of millions of active accounts in different markets and parts of the world.

Users can use it to raise money cost-effectively. Through PayPal’s affordable fees you get to keep more of the donations you receive.

Also, you can attract donors from anyplace around

 the world. More so, you can easily accept donations from different countries with different currencies.

Important Facts to note:

All PayPal fees are subject to change.  You can visit PayPal’s official website for the latest information about their fees for non-profits.

To get or receive the lower fees for non-profits, you must choose the correct values when setting up your PayPal account. Then, you need to submit some documentation to confirm your non-profit status.

Every fee you see on the site is charged by PayPal itself in order to process your transaction. All their School Pages provides you with your school/PTA website. Though they don’t charge any additional fees for handling online payments

For more details on this, visit this site:


Yahoo Stock |How to Buy |what you must know

Yahoo Stock |How to Buy |what you must know

Yahoo stock-Investing in Yahoo stock is a wise investing one can make to reap more in the nearest future.  As a wise investor, now is the time to invest in Yahoo stock. So, the right time to buy Yahoo stock is cheap under the wrong management. If you can forecast well, you will know that the management days of all the people that have misled yahoo is coming to an end in earnest.  Yahoo’s current situation is seen as the rainy days for Yahoo by some top investors globally.

 Yahoo stock

It’s believed that after the rainy days the sun shines. It is believed that Yahoo is going to shine very high once again. This is why you have to invest in Yahoo and buy yahoo stocks now so that you can benefit in the end. As revealed by some top bloggers that Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo. Though, Microsoft, for now, is denying all possible claims. I believe so much that truth is not far from the speculations. Who knows if it’s true and they just want to take our minds off that and then come out of the blue and suddenly buy Yahoo.

How to Buy Yahoo Stock

If you’ve decided to by Yahoo stocks, then my best option for you is that you learn how to buy Yahoo stocks. Here are two ways in which you can buy Yahoo stocks. It’s either you either buy yahoo stocks online through your desktop browser or online via a mobile web browser.

If you want to buy Yahoo stocks online via a desktop browser follow the steps below:

  • Log on to the official yahoo finance home page and search for the stock you want to buy.
  • Tap on the buy icon you will see close to the stock you wish to buy.
  • Click on your linked account and fill in your action, number of shares, order type, etc.
  • At last, click on the review order and then on ‘submit order’.

This is how to buy yahoo stocks via your desktop browser. To buy from your mobile browser; use the following steps below:

  • Go to the finance home page and search for the symbol of the stock you wish to buy.
  • Click on your linked account and fill in your action.
  • Tap on review order and then on ‘submit order’ and that is it.

With these steps, you’ll buy yahoo stocks on both desktop and mobile browsers. Having got this knowledge, hope you learned that well. You can go ahead to start investing by buying Yahoo stocks.

Benefits of Investing in Yahoo Stock

  • You’ve to be among the beneficiary for dividends is said to be on the rising in earnings.
  • You can invest in Yahoo Japan and make more profit as Japan stock exchange is on the rise and the 3rd in the world.
  • Securing yourself a future in a leading online business



Google translate app – It has been so amazing since the introduction of google translator by Google. For most people who use this app, foreign words translation is no big deal. In this article, I’ll be discussing how to use the google translate app.

Google translate app

Google translator is a machine that enables a multilingual translation service. It translates text from one language to another.


The Google translator app was launched on April 28, 2006, by Google. Presently, it supports over 100 languages and it’s used by over 200 million people in the world.


Google translate app works for Android and iOS phones to download google translator for Android, from your device app store such as the Google play store.

When you’ve clicked on this link, follow the instructions that follow it to complete the registration and join the translate google community.


Go to google play store and download google translate, Follow the link below on your iPhone and download the iOS version.


Google translator is quite easy to use if you’ve downloaded the app, click to open it, Here you can enter a single word, a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire passage in the translation box.

Google will automatically translate it as long as the option at the bottom for instant translation is turned on. It translates only the direct words and not the words attached to an image.


If you don’t have the app in your device you can translate directly by going directly to the google translator web page and enter the text you wish to translate in the first box and click on the language choice you want to translate into.


Google Translator can translate different forms of text and media, including text, speech, images, over 100 languages at sites, or real-time video, from one language to another. It has the ability to recognize both speech and on-screen keyboard.


There is google translator for android and for iOS it’s now working in about 100 languages. It can also translate 37 languages through photos. Moreover, it can also translate 32 voices in a conversation mode.

The Android version of the app was released in January 2010.though its stable release was on September 28, 2017. The same date of its stable release applies to its iOS version as well.

Google translate is fun and easy to use. Moreover, it’s very useful


Facebook Valentine Ideas | Happy Valentine’s Day

Facebook Valentine Ideas | Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine ideas- Love is in the Air, The best way to celebrate Love is to love unconditionally. God is Love and Jesus loves you. Facebook Valentine’s ideas- Well, almost everyone is in love with someone or having a crush on someone else. It doesn’t matter if you are in love or not, in a relationship or not, Single or married. It’s really a day to celebrate and appreciate someone that is very close to you besides your spouse or lover.

Valentine Ideas

However,  if you are presently in a relationship with someone and you and you’re are still thinking about what to do. Below are cute Facebook valentine ideas to help you out. This is the best time to hook up on the dating sites.

These Facebook Valentine ideas are a great opportunity for lovers or spouses to take the chance of showing their love for friends and family on Facebook. It’s indeed an amazing happy moment, pictures of flowers & cakes and other things you may have in mind.

Facebook actually decides to play an important role in helping millions of active account users to express their love and admiration to thousands of friends. So, I’ll highlight some of the Facebook valentines’s ideas Here.

Facebook Valentine Ideas –   Best Facebook Content Ideas for Valentine

I’ve to quickly illustrate the major aspect of Facebook Valentine ideas. On the other hand, Facebook is a very wide streaming social media platform where you can easily find your long-lost close friend, family member, a distant cousin and so on. Therefore,  you can use this platform as a way of celebrating the happy month and also use it as an idea to show the venues of where and when you can take your girlfriend/boyfriends or spouse to.

These are venues you can make a Bonfire, grab some marshmallows; cupcake, and drink, then spend the night cuddling up by the fire.

Most people visit a nice event in a cool bar and dance with your lover or spouse.

In addition, you can make use of your bedroom by designing it with a red flower, candlelight and a bottle of champagne for the night.

Others can a trip outside the country or to a nice theater to watch movies and lots more.

There’re uncountable ways you can make your Valentine’s ideas a bigger one. So, search through some of the other sites based on Valentine’s pictures, videos and more.

steps to make Valentine’s Ideas on Facebook

There’re ways you can make use of the Facebook social media platform as a means of business. For example,e you can upload posts about the event if you manage a Lounge, Restaurant and any major event that concerns Valentine’s day celebration on Facebook. In that way, people will know the location to go on that fateful day.  So, I say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you on Facebook and on My Site.


Chabot | how chatbot work and interact with human

Chabot | how chatbot work and interact with human

Chatbot also refers to as Chatterbot. It is a  computer program that tries to or initiates a conversation of human beings through text or via voice interactions. Many a time I’ve wondered how the messages sent to social network platforms are replied promptly. Only for me to be informed about how computer programming called the Chabot is used to achieve this task.


You may have at one time or the other engaged in an activity with these chatbots unknowingly. The chatbots can respond to humans via text or voice interactions.

What is Chabot

Most people still wonder how most of the prompt responses on social media are possible. As I introduce you to Chabot, it’ll out of place if I don’t define Chabot.

A Chatbot is also known as Chatterbot. It’s a computer program that attempts to initiate a conversation or human being through text or via voice interactions. You can ask a chatbot a question or request command and it’ll respond or perform the action.

It also acts as a spokesperson for any artificial intelligence (AI). More like the Robots, it’s the most accessible form of artificial intelligence that business owners use for sales and services.

It’s useful both in all departments mostly in the consumer app and the company’s device market. Company’s like social media marketing companies and other multinational companies find this very useful.

How it operates/works

It’s so amazing how this computer programming works. It really puts humans in a very comfortable condition, making them feel that they’re talking with humans. Popular chatbots like Eliza and Parry were among the first to be in use in the early 1970s via the turning tests.

The chatbots are built on the AI technologies which is also in so much use now profoundly now, just as in a popular Robot  Sophia. The workings include deep learning of a natural language and processing of machine learning algorithms and lots of data.

Chatbot  Approaches

There’re two approaches used by the chatbots. The first is Stateless while the second is the Stateful.

A stateless Chabot approach has to do with each interaction with any of the new users. While the Stateful is a more complicated approach. It shows past interactions and tries to frame some new responses in the context.

Benefits of using a chatbot in commercial services

When companies use the service of the Chatbots for services or sales in departments, it helps them to build more conversational interfaces in their business applications.

Well, it may interest you to know that using this program requires just a little coding. They’re useful in business and consumer markets. Improvement in the bots leads to loss of customers’ complaints about responding to or interacting with them.

Chatbots fills a very big gap between tech advancement and the change form a more passive society to text and conversational communication.

Uses of Chatbot

It applies to instant messaging (IM) and online game interactions. In addition, it applies to business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales. And it’s a part of the buddy list in providing a single game player as it interacts with the one –waiting for the human player. So, as the game is going on, the person doesn’t know that he/she is interacting with a computer program.


Fiverr Review steps | How to make money online through Fiverr

Fiverr Review steps | How to make money online through Fiverr is one of the online money making websites that have been proven to be real and not a scam. In this Fiverr review, I’ll show you things you can do on Fiverr to make real money. This is not one of Ponzi schemes like the MMM where people expect not to work but earn money.

Fiverr review

Before now, I used to think that online money making is only but a scam until a friend of mine made it big in Fiverr. That very day, I enjoyed with him what Fiverr has blessed him with.

Your case won’t be different from this guy’s success if only you’ll take a bold step and earn some money online with your talent. On, you’ll be paid for your talent and skills

. All you have to do is to post any of the online jobs that you’re willing to do and once you get a bidder, you’ll receive money for doing the job. You’ll get into a contract with the person and once you’ve finished the work the Client will make payment to Fiverr and they’ll send your percentage to your account.

Services in Fiverr- Fiverr Review

Instead of falling prey to scammers online, can make money online through fiver by engaging in the following skills:

  • article writing,
  • Logo design,
  • content marketing,
  • Video editing and so on.
  • Graphics design
  • Language translation etc

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that’s global and it offers different task and services, known as ‘’gigs’’ it begins at a cost of 5$ per job you do. Every service you setup or offer to clients or bidders on the Fiverr platform is a ”Gig”. Mostly, it’s used by freelancers who use Fiver to offer services to customers all over the world.

I’m more interested in it now when a colleague purchased a Toyota Camry 2.2 courtesy of earnings from Fiverr. Since I was forced to know what fiver means.

How you can make money online through Fiverr-Fiverr Review

You’ll learn more from a young Nigerian by name Enoch who makes over $4000 per month with Fiverr. Well, it may sound easy, but you’ve to work to earn it. As I said above, it’s not a Ponzi scheme

You’ll only start earning money from Fiverr when you know the right Gigs. That is, you’ve to know the gigs that are selling.

Enoch as a young Nigerian youth is not lazy and he’s giving out a free video tutorial on how you can make money on

This video is a course on how you can access free training on how to open, operate and earn money from  You can access the free tutorial course here at Log on this Url and register to get the free video by Enoch.

After going through this Fiverr review, you won’t be looking for a site that’ll give you the money you’ll start thinking of what you can do to make money online.

Tips on how to make money on

Provide services that you’re passionate about

Build your profile on based on your services

You must be very creative in doing your job.

Continue testing on your gig

Upload a real picture on your profile. It’ll help buyers know you’re a real human

Use keywords for the services you Provide

Upload the pictures of gigs you’ve delivered to clients on to show what you can do

Be fast in responding to inquiries and bookings.

Ask a question when someone is about to buy a gig. Never have you assumed you know what they want.

Always deliver your job before or at the time to deliver the job. But It’s quite better if you can deliver before the deadline

Working on Fiverr can’t be hard if you know your job well. All you’ve to do is to create your account on  click on join and create your account instantly at and follow the instructions from the video tutorial you downloaded from this article as a guide.

It’s time to get to work and earn money. Stop looking for a free way to make money online because it doesn’t exist.  I hope this Fiverr review has helped you. If you continue looking for an easy way to make money online you’ll end as a fraud victim.

Thanks for reading about Fiverr on this site!


Payoneer Login | How to Apply for a Payoneer account

Payoneer Login | How to Apply for a Payoneer account

Payoneer login is access to make payments online, receive or send funds if you have a Payoneer account. With the Payoneer account, you can send and receive money from other Payoneer users around the world.

Payoneer Login

Currently, the Payoneer payment service is available in more than 250 countries and in different currencies that’ll help you operate your account and make transactions in your choice of currency.

However, if you want to use this service, you have to start with the Payoneer registration. After that, before you can start your Payoneer login for payment of services with this payment service.

Payoneer Registration- Payoneer Login

This registration is just the process for applying for the account and getting your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard. Here, you’ve to provide some important information needed for the online payment service. With the account, you can now do all the payment services with your Payoneer account. Most importantly, you can send and receive money, and buy products online and also pay instantly.

Steps to register for Payoneer account

 When you register with Payoneer, it’ll help you as a business, company and person to carry out e-commerce services around the world. This can offer you fast, affordable and secure payment services for your transactions internationally, here are the steps to apply:

  • Go to the Payoneer application page
  • Tap on  the ‘sign up’ button
  • Select the type of account you want to register, it can either be an individual or company.
  • If it’s an individual account, you’ll have to fill in your name, email address, date of birth and tap on the ‘next’ icon.
  •  For company account, key in your company name, key in the business type, your company website if you have, your name, email address and the birth of birth, after that click the “Next” button.

Providing your contact information

  • Choose your country
  • Fill your contact address
  • Enter your city of residence and postal code of your location
  • Choose a phone type either mobile or landline
  • Provide the phone number

Security information

  • Provide a password that you can remember as your  Payoneer login password
  • Select a security question and provide the answer in the box provided
  • Fill in your country ID card issued to you
  • Choose the ID card type and fill in the ID number and tap on the ‘Next’ button

Getting it done

  • Enter the currency of your account
  • Enter your bank details, that’s the name of your bank and your account number
  • Provide the Swift/Bank identifier code and tap the ‘’Submit’’ button

Wow, your account is ready, if your application is successful, your account with be open immediately and you can now see your account dashboard.

Steps to login to Payoneer account

Now that you have your Payoneer account, you can log in to know what your account is like and carry out transactions, use these steps below:

  • Go the Payoneer website and go to the upper-right side of the page and tap on ‘’Login’’
  • Fill in your Payoneer username and password, here, your username is the email address you used to apply for the account
  • Tap the sign-in button. Your Payoneer login depends on your username and Password.
Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

 This is a debit card that works with your Payoneer account and with the currency in your account. It’s just like any of the debit cards you use on a daily basis. You can use it at any of the ATMs and POS machines to make withdrawals and transfer transactions. With this card, you can make online purchases on online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba and other sites and locations where it’s acceptable.

It’s a great experience using this card for purchases after you’ve known how to log in, apply for the card and creates your account; here are steps to get y our card.

  • Visit  your Payoneer account  and click on ‘’Order Card’’
  • In the following page, fill in your preferred currency for your account
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy and cookie policy of the account
  • you must have to agree to the terms and conditions of  the card
  • You have to agree to the pricing and fees of the card
  • Tap on ‘’Order’’

After this, they’ll mail your card to you within a few days. And this card will be mailed to the address you entered as you apply for the account.

For order for the card, you’ll be charged a fee of $30 which they’ll deduct from your account. Hence, you must have some balance up to $30 to be eligible for the card.

Activation your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

When you get your card, the next step is to activate it. This is to enable you to use the card to activate your card, use the steps below:

  • Open your Payoneer account dashboard
  • Choose the card activation option
  • You’ll see your status, tap on ‘’to view your status and activate your card, click here’’ option.
  • Then, follow the instructions to activate your card

Steps to for Payoneer transfer

This is just sending and receiving money on the Payoneer platform. With this payment system, you can send and receive money from account to other users. A lot of methods are used for this, and it also includes making payment, billing service and local bank transfer.

  1. For Billing service- This involves sending a payment request to the sender via the email inbox of the sender. As soon as the sender gets the mail, he can transfer the funds from there. Use these steps for this
  2.  As a receiver sends the payment request from his account to the  email inbox of the sender
  3. His/her sender receives the mail alongside  with a Pay now links that enables him to transfer the funds
  4.  This request contains the account and payment details of the receiver
  5. As soon as the sender receives the payment request together with the pay now link, As soon as he clicks on it, he’ll be referred to the Payoneer site
  6. He’ll fill in the details of the payment, contact details, amount and other things needed
  7. Then, he’ll be directed to his Payoneer account where he has to confirm the payment.
  8. Making a Payment service– Here, a user can use Payoneer to transfer and send funds to other Payoneer users for free. Here are the processes:
  9. Just login into your account
  10. Tap on Pay and choose to make a payment service
  11. Fill in your details of payment and your account details of the receiver
  12. Key in the details, amount, contact details and other things
  13.  Then, follow the remaining instructions to complete your payment
  14. The local bank Transfer– With this service, you can transfer funds from your Payoneer account to a bank account. Here are the processes:
  15. For your Personal bank account: Log into your account and click on settings and choose bank account
  16. Tap on  your bank account and add a nickname if you want and click on withdraw
  17. Select the currency you want to withdraw from. And it’s the currency that the account operates on
  18.  Fill out the account you want to transfer and enter a short description for the transaction if you like
  19. Then, tap the ‘Review’’ button and proceed with the payment
For other bank accounts
  • Go to your account through your Payoneer login process
  • Click the Add Bank option
  • Fill in the country of the bank and tap on ‘’Next’’, then provide the name of the bank
  • Fill out your account name and number
  • Enter your Swift/Bank Identifier code and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Move to confirm the bank account details and tap on ‘’Next’’, then, confirm all the other payments as well. After this, you’re good to go.



Facebook Poll | How you can create your Poll on Facebook

Facebook Poll | How you can create your  Poll on Facebook

Creating your Facebook Poll can be very fun and it’s a way you can easily find out any information that’s been difficult for you to get in different ways.

Facebook Poll

It doesn’t matter if you have a Facebook business page or not, you can create your own Facebook Poll. Or if you want to interact with any of your close friends on their Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook poll on your Personal or Business page

You may be asking what these Polls on Facebook are. However, Polls has been widely used from the time past since the inception of social media mostly by the Politicians. They use it to measure popular opinions and also predict the election results. Mostly, the time of polls used by the Politicians in the straw polls.

Presently, we have a modern poll known as the Facebook polls. This can feature in any sphere of life and business or in the e-commerce business and digital marketing platforms.

So, Facebook polls is a very great way you can get opinions from social media before you can embark on any business venture or action or any enterprise in a certain areas  of your choice.

I have seen many people who have come with useful results from the polls and it’s been quite good and satisfactory if you utilize it well.

Why and where to create your Poll on Facebook

Before creating your poll, you must bear in mind the reason why you’re creating your poll. Some create polls to ask questions, and to let people vote or provide answers. People can create polls from their newsfeed or timeline, in a group or as an admin or an editor of a page.

For the polls on your newsfeed or timeline, you can only select two options for your poll. While the polls in a group you can add many options to it.

Steps to creating your own poll on Facebook profile

  • Scroll to and click at the top of your newsfeed or your timeline
  • Move down and choose a poll
  • Close to your profile picture, provide the questions you wish to ask your follows
  • You’ll see the boxes, with option 1 and 2, key in the option  for your poll
  • Also, choose a picture or GIF
  • Tap 1 week to choose when you want the poll to end.
  • Then, tap on the post

Creating a Poll within a Facebook group

  • Go to your news feed and tap on groups at the left menu and choose your group
  • Tap o write something and choose poll
  • Key in a question and thereafter, tap on add option… now; enter options for the group members to select.
  • Tap the post button/icon or tab

This is very important if you’re creating a group poll, then, you must know that only your group members can vote or give their opinion.

Using Google Form to create a Poll on Facebook

You can as well create polls using an external app and then, share them on Facebook. And this is by using the Google Forms. In addition, this is quite similar to Facebook’s polls for pages.

Using LeadQuizzes to make a Poll on Facebook

Another easy way to poll your audience is by using LeadQuizzes. With this, you can create a poll in a few minutes using the key four elements:

  • Start Screen- it allows your audience to know what the poll is about
  • Text Question- this enables you to ask your audience questions
  • The Form field- is the one that collects their information
  • Results-  or you can call it the thank you page

More uses of the Facebook Polls

  1.  It creates expectations  about your new products, services or features
  2.  It brings in the audience in your decision making. Most times, the ideas of your audience can be very vital in making you achieve huge success in your plans.
  3. Creates brand awareness and also, helps to build your brand by engaging your audience.
The Benefits of using Polls on Facebook
  • Using polls on Facebook increases your engagement and provides platform form more interactions with other Facebook users and fans
  •  Helps to improve your reach and brand visibility in your location
  • It enables you to know the opinion of your followers, audiences on your brand. It can lead to brand improvement and more quality services.
  • Provides useful feedback on your brand and this can cause you to change some of your modes of operations or services
  •  Increases the relationship between you and your brand users
  •  If helps you to evaluate your business/brand performance in the market and how to improve on them.

Games Messenger | best games to play on Facebook Messenger App

Games Messenger | best games to play on Facebook Messenger App

In case you want to know what the games messenger is about, here in this article is a better guide for you. I bet you that the messenger games are quite enticing and it’s very cool and attractive to play.

games messenger

I know you’re aware of what messenger is. If you don’t know, the Messenger is an app that enables Facebook users to send messages to each other. It’s very fast and also does a lot of things too.

With the messenger, you can send pictures and views to your friends and relations. It’s very cheap to use.

Below are some features of the  messenger app-Games messenger

  • Comes with audio and video calls  ability
  • Sends a voice message to any friend on Facebook
  • It sends a message to friends very fast
  • Enables users to send money to friends through the messenger app.

Some of the Messenger Games-Games messenger

There’re a lot of games to play on the app. But I’ll present you with some of the best games in messenger app that is very attractive to play.

  • Words with friends
  • Golding boot
  • Daily Sudoku
  • Brick  Pop
  • 2020 connect
  • 8 ball pool
  • Galaga
  • Tetris
  • Everwing
  • Space invader
  • Blackjack
  • Uno
  • Hex FRVR
  • Bat Climb
  • Chess

Creating Facebook account

Before you can play this game, you’ve to create a facebook account. So, the steps below will guide you to create a Facebook account to be able to access the Games messenger.

  • Launch your browser or Chrome and  visit
  • Then, click on ‘’Create new account’ link above  or below the Facebook page
  • After that, fill your names, email address or phone number, password of your choice, gender and date of birth
  • Then, click the Sign-up button below
  • You’ll get a notification for a confirmation code on your email address or on your mobile phone number.
  • Enter the code in the confirmation box and click on the ‘confirm’’ or ‘continue’’ button.

How to download Messenger

  • Go to the Google play store on your device
  • On the search tab  at the top of the page, type in ‘messenger app’’
  • The results  of what you typed will appear,
  • Click on the messenger app of your choice, it’ll open for you to download
  • Click on the install button at the top of the page to install it to your device.
Steps to play the messenger game
  • Open the messenger you’ve on your device by clicking on it
  • Open a conversation
  • Click the ‘’+’’ icon, and you’ll see a lot many games on messenger
  • Tap on any one of your choices to start playing. After this, you’ll be playing any game of your choice through the same method. I know that you’ll surely enjoy the messenger app.