Chabot | how chatbot work and interact with human


Chabot | how chatbot work and interact with human

Chatbot also refers to as Chatterbot. It is a  computer program that tries to or initiates a conversation of human beings through text or via voice interactions. Many a time I’ve wondered how the messages sent to social network platforms are replied promptly. Only for me to be informed about how computer programming called the Chabot is used to achieve this task.


You may have at one time or the other engaged in an activity with these chatbots unknowingly. The chatbots can respond to humans via text or voice interactions.

What is Chabot

Most people still wonder how most of the prompt responses on social media are possible. As I introduce you to Chabot, it’ll out of place if I don’t define Chabot.

A Chatbot is also known as Chatterbot. It’s a computer program that attempts to initiate a conversation or human being through text or via voice interactions. You can ask a chatbot a question or request command and it’ll respond or perform the action.

It also acts as a spokesperson for any artificial intelligence (AI). More like the Robots, it’s the most accessible form of artificial intelligence that business owners use for sales and services.

It’s useful both in all departments mostly in the consumer app and the company’s device market. Company’s like social media marketing companies and other multinational companies find this very useful.

How it operates/works

It’s so amazing how this computer programming works. It really puts humans in a very comfortable condition, making them feel that they’re talking with humans. Popular chatbots like Eliza and Parry were among the first to be in use in the early 1970s via the turning tests.

The chatbots are built on the AI technologies which is also in so much use now profoundly now, just as in a popular Robot  Sophia. The workings include deep learning of a natural language and processing of machine learning algorithms and lots of data.

Chatbot  Approaches

There’re two approaches used by the chatbots. The first is Stateless while the second is the Stateful.

A stateless Chabot approach has to do with each interaction with any of the new users. While the Stateful is a more complicated approach. It shows past interactions and tries to frame some new responses in the context.

Benefits of using a chatbot in commercial services

When companies use the service of the Chatbots for services or sales in departments, it helps them to build more conversational interfaces in their business applications.

Well, it may interest you to know that using this program requires just a little coding. They’re useful in business and consumer markets. Improvement in the bots leads to loss of customers’ complaints about responding to or interacting with them.

Chatbots fills a very big gap between tech advancement and the change form a more passive society to text and conversational communication.

Uses of Chatbot

It applies to instant messaging (IM) and online game interactions. In addition, it applies to business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales. And it’s a part of the buddy list in providing a single game player as it interacts with the one –waiting for the human player. So, as the game is going on, the person doesn’t know that he/she is interacting with a computer program.


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