Chevening Scholarship & Fellowship 2022/2023

The Chevening Scholarship & Fellowship 2022/2023 Application Form

The Chevening Scholarship & Fellowship 2022/2023 Application Form

 If you want to apply for a Chevening Scholarship & Fellowship 2022/2023,  then you have to pay attention to the instructions. It’s because the competition of the Chevening rewards are very high and for your application to be approved for the reward is a sign of remarkable qualities.

Chevening scholarship is one of the reputable international scholarships in the whole wide world. It enables students with great authority and educational capability for over 160 countries to acquire postgraduate schooling or courses in the UK.

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This program is focused on growing worldwide leaders and it is financed by the Foreign, commonwealth and development  office(FCDO) and the partner organization

Influencers, decision-makers, future leaders around the world are offered rare opportunities to enlarge professionally and academically through the program. Approved applicants will encounter the UK lifestyles to grow continuing relationships with the UK inhabitants.

More so, the competition of the program is very high so the involved applicants are encouraged to have the best and be the best they can be so that you will be able to win one of the many rewards that Chevening makes available. Finding the available rewards in your country is very necessary.

Some information you need to take note of

The applicants are to make sure that the English language is correct both written and spoken. Written English should not only be correct but it should make sense as well. Always go through your work to ascertain they are correct and right any possible mistakes.

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Second, pen down how you learned your skills and how you have used it in a positive way to change people’s lives. How your skills have helped you in achieving great success and also tackle the questions

Next, your curriculum vitae(CV) should be clear, correct, detailed with your full life history and it must be real like very original. Always remember that the officials in charge know when a CV is fake or not, be careful, be yourself and keep your work as real as possible. And also direct your information to the right authorities.

Stop using the short forms of words to write, in as much as you are confident about your ambitions, you still need to put them down in clear sentences.

You are encouraged to make use of “I” instead of using “WE” when you want to write about your life’s accomplishments.

You are advised as applicants of this scholarship to portray authority skills, relationships strategy. Applicants  also need to know how it feels like schooling in this UK institution because it will model you to accomplish your desires.

What this article is trying to do is to help qualified applicants  reach their goals by telling them what to do during the application process and what not to do

I hope that this article was helpful and you learned one or two things. If you did, congrats because I know your application will be perfect and you will be qualified.


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