Chipotle Gift card | Chipotle gift card Balance | Apply


Chipotle Gift card | Chipotle gift card Balance | Apply

This Chipotle gift card is best known or used for purchasing real foods and real tastes. To have this, just visit the Chipotle .com. It’s seen as one of the best American based food restaurants in the U.S, Germany, and Canada.

Chipotle gift card

This started on July 13, 1993, by Steve Ells. It has its headquarters in Newport Beach, California. The U.S.A. This company has more than 1,000 locations and above 60,000 employees. It boasts with a net income of $600 million USD. To be emphatic, Chipotle isn’t responsible for any unauthorized use of the Chipotle gift card.

However,  in case the Chipotle eGift card gets lost or it’s stolen, its value can be replaced. It enables customers to use the Chipotle eGift card to buy fast foods at any Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants.  If you’re in the U.S.A, you can use this gift card to buy foods such as:

  • Crispy Corn Tacos
  • Chips and salsa
  • Kids Menu
  • Bowl

Places you can buy Chipotle gift card

As a customer, you can always buy the gift card at Also, you can get the cards at Chipotle U.S retail stores like:

  • Walgreen
  • Target
  • Gift card granny etc

How to buy the gift card

Through the instructions below, you can buy the Chipotle card online:

  • On your browser, go to the website and click on ‘I want to ‘’ then, choose an option
  • Click on the ‘next step’ button
  • Select the card account you need and it ranges from $25 to $100
  • Choose the quantity of the card you want
  • Fill in any of your personal messages you need and add your delivery schedule, then, add to your ‘’Cart’’.

Importantly, you should know that the Chipotle egift card isn’t used to buy another Chipotle eGift card on the same website or any other participating sites.

Ways to check your Chipotle card balance

Basically, there’re 3 ways you can check your Chipotle eGift card balance. Here are the 3 steps:

  • Log in to Chipotle online through the
  • Provide your gift card number and the security PIN and click on the ‘continue’’ button.

Another way to check this is to use the Chipotle customer service at 1-877-925-4878.

The third way to do this is to use the retail store at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant.

How you can send Chipotle Gift cards

If you have anyone you love that likes food and entertainment, I think this gift card is the best for you to offer them. All you have to do is to send them the gift card using the steps below:

  • Customize the gift card
  • Fill in your card value
  • Enter the recipient’s name
  • Key in your personal message in a brief format
  • Select your choice gift card
  • Confirm your recipient’s email address
  • Ensure you preview the gift card, then, add to Cart.

After this, all your recipients will get an email containing the gift card number and the security PIN.  The PIN is the card security eGift card number and it’s your recipient’s code to purchase foods at the

How you can redeem your gift card

You can redeem your gift card through or at any of the Company’s sales outlet close to you. To achieve this, just go to, fill our gift card number and the security PIN sent to you. After that, click on the ‘’Redeem’’ button.

It’s very important you know that this is only available to only people in the U.S and U.S is printed on the Card.


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