Clover Dating App | Singles dating on Clover App


Clover Dating App | Singles dating on Clover App

Clover dating app is a dating app for singles to get closer to each other and for dating and friendships that can possibly lead to marriage or good business partnership.

Clover dating

There’re many dating apps and websites that singles can easily connect with each other. Dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, Mingle2, facebook dating and a lot more others are available to singles with their own very unique features.

Your choice of a dating app depends on what you want, where you live and the kind of people you want to meet on the dating platform.

How Clover dating app works

Clover dating app works in 3 unique ways or sections and these are:

  • The Match Queue
  • On-Demand dating
  • Mixers

Having seen this, let’s see what each of the sections represents:

 The Match Queue

In this section, you’ll see most or all of the potential matches in the apps. Potential matches are called ‘Prospects’.

 In these sections, free users have two options: Either by clicking the Blue X or they’ll tap the red Heart. Therefore, if both people show interest, at the match will automatically form and both of them will start sending each other messages.

Clover premium users won’t have to wait for a mutual match to be formed. All they have to do is to start exchanging messages immediately they have registered their account.

The On-demanding Dating

In this on-demanding dating section, you mostly see all the people that you’re looking for. However, you’ll scroll through all the options by clicking ‘I’m interested’’. Or you can tap on ‘NO thanks’’. Though, if you’re interested, you can suggest a place and time meet the person. To choose a venue, you’ll need to pull down the list of options or you may need to add a custom location.

 Then, for sending, just tap ‘’Send’’ your date suggestions to the person that it matched with you and you’ll receive a notification once they confirm it.

But if you want the other person, to take the lead firs, you’ll have to click on the option to confirm their choice.

Keep tracks of the unconfirmed dates in the ‘pending’ section as the scheduled dates. Also, keep them in the ‘confirmed’’ section.

The Clover Mixers

At the close mixers, you need to browse through all the existing groups; you can even join or create your mixers. There’s an option to choose and search mixers by keyword.

The following criteria can be used:

  • Trending
  • Attendees
  • Comments
  • Near me
  • Everywhere

As soon as you see the one that interests you, you can join them. Then, keep tracks of your mixers in the ‘’invited’’ and ‘’Attending’’ sections. Now if you follow these steps, you’ll find this app very useful.

Charges /Costs

Its premium costs $29.99 per month or $14.99 per month.

In the premium version, you’ll get the following:

  1. Options for sending audio/video, photos and gifts
  2. Can receive messages
  3. Can send messages to you and anyone not minding if they are matched or not
  4. Gets advanced search filters such as intention, height, etc.
  5. Can sort prospects by age, location, income, online, etc.

Interesting, you can buy yourself some boots to have more exposure or visibility in the clover.  To buy boost, it’ll cost you $2.99 or 1 Boost, $2.99 each if you are buying 5 boosts or $1.99 each if you’re buying 10 boosts at ago.

Ways to send a message on Clover

If you see someone that you like or interest you on clover, click on the ‘’Heart’’ icon and you’ll start sending them messages. For those on a premium service, you can send your matches a gift by clicking on the icon ‘’send gift’’, then, some symbols appear and you can now select from there the one you like. A gift to send ranges from ice cream, cupcake, a pair of panties, T-shirts and so on.


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