Costa Gift Card Balance | Costa gift card balance


Costa Gift Card Balance | Costa gift card balance

Costa gift card is a unique gift card for Coffee lovers. It provides them with a well-prepared coffee for users to give to their loved ones.  You can use the Costa gift card to access hot chocolates, drinks and other delightful drinks with your friends and those that are dear to you.

Costa gift card

In this article, I’ll be showing you the most asked questions about the Costa cards and how to get it.

Is it true that has a gift card?

Costa Gift card is a digital card(s) that users can use to purchase Coffee and you can buy them on

How secured is

The is a Website that has secured assurance. Of course, it’s secured and well trusted.

Where can one buy the Costa Gift cards?

If you’re interested in the Costa card, you can get it online at Also, you can get it through sales outlets that are closer to you.

Major Costa cards participating Outlets

  • Zeek
  • Vouchers express
  • Amazon
  • NGC

Places you can use the Costa Gift cards

There a lot of places you can use the cards. You can use the Cards at any Costa Outlets in England, Scotland, and Wale. Though, you can’t use it at cost express locations and in Northern Ireland.

Ways to Buy the Costa Gift Cards

Those interested in this card can easily buy the gift card online at way is by visiting other Costa participating retail stores. You can check the steps below to buy your gift cards bay, Costa.

  • Visit any Costa Retail store
  • Choose any gift value choice you want
  • Click thee buy myself icon
  • Tap the ‘Checkout as a guest or create an account to check out as a member at Costa’’.
  • Provide your name and email address
  •  Click on the add bag icon and follow the directions that follow to complete your account.

In addition, you can use your gift card to buy another gift card owned by Costa. But you can’t use multiple gift cards to make a single purchase.

How to give Costa card as a gift

Major purpose of the gift card is to give it to people on their special days and for other purposes best known by the person giving the gift card.

People can take advantage of this opportunity to give to others a world-leading Coffee club gift card to people or to invite them for something using the Costa gift cards.

Gift card is one of the best gifts you can send to your loved ones for more friendship ties and the building of a relationship.

To send give cards to people, use this steps below:
  • Visit www.gifting
  • Choose any choice of gift card  amount you want
  • Enter the recipient’s name, the email address and choose a date for delivery and the date you’re sending it
  • Choose your own unique design and the category of the gift card
  • Accept the Costa card’s terms and condition
  • Tap the ‘add to basket’’ tab

When you’re through with this, they’ll send an email with the gift card info to the recipient. Thereafter, the recipient will now redeem the gift card using the gift card details sent through the email.

Once you get this email, enter the gift card’s number and the PIN   to redeem the gift card.


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