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Delete Facebook  profile | How to Delete Facebook  Dating Profile

Delete Facebook  profile | How to Delete Facebook  Dating Profile

Today, we are in the business to show you the best and easy way to delete your Facebook profile and trash the app. Meanwhile, if you have thought of how to do this before, we got that covered right on this page. Therefore, you got nothing to worry about. On the same note, we will be showing you what we thought you should know.

delete facebook profile

Nevertheless, everything with advantages has disadvantages as well. Read on for more details…

To start, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms with more than 5 million registered users. Besides, it has both a mobile app and a web-based site to access it. However, it is a place where you will meet both young and old. Thus, the profile is what tells it all. Most importantly, it’s the best way to stay connected to family and loved ones. Beyond that, you can create a Facebook page for your business brand for easy advertisement.

Above all, the Facebook dating app comes with its own special packages. Trust me, there’s more than what we can tell you on this page. Guess you should experience it yourself.

So, we thought as much to share some of them before you go on to delete it. Perhaps, you could have a rethink and change your mind about deleting your Facebook dating profile.

What You Should Know Before you Delete your Facebook Dating Profile And App

Maybe you could reconsider your decision after reading this!

  • Facebook got the best dating features than most online dating app you could think
  • You can both make friends and fall in love with the Facebook dating app
  • It gets you an opportunity of signing up a Facebook account
  • Beyond your family, you can make friends with a large number of people
  • To sign up a Facebook dating profile is free
  • Definitely, you will get to meet people you love

Now you must have had a rethink on what you wanted to do. But, we do this to remind you as you have planned to delete your Facebook profile permanently.

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile And Trash the App

To kick start this, you must have signed up a Facebook account at first when you wanted to create a Facebook dating account. Guess what? That was to enable Facebook to take records of your personal details such as gender. Age, etc. Thus, they make up your Facebook dating profile. That’s to say, they will be deleted when you trash your dating profile. Perhaps, it will be deleted permanently.

To delete your Facebook dating profile permanently,

  • Launch your Facebook app and hit on “Dating”
  • Next, move on to select the settings icon situated at the top right side of the page
  • Navigate down the page and hit on “general”
  • Here, you will get to see the option to delete your dating profile. Simply hit on it to proceed to the next prompt
  • Confirm by clicking again on the delete
  • In a short while, your command will be processed. Here you go, and it is done.

How to Delete Dating Profile on Mobile

With your smartphone, (Android or iOS) you can delete your Facebook account with the below steps:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account using the app.
  • Move up to the settings button and click on it.
  • Next, navigate to the “general” button and confirm you want to delete the profile by hitting “Delete”
  • Wait a while for it to trash.

Think of It, that is so easy and language friendly, right? You can now uninstall the app.

After you Remove your Facebook Dating Profile What Happens?

Consider the following things if you have deleted your dating profile.

  • Permanently, you have closed your dating profile
  • Guess what, your friend’s suggestions, matches, and likes are gone
  • Both your Facebook account and dating profile will be deleted.





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