Different Types of Internet Marketing Channels

Different Types of Online Marketing Channels

For people who want to boost their business performance, there are different types of internet marketing Channels that you need to take your business to the next level of your dream.

Types of internet Marketing

For any of these types of internet marketing channels, you’ll need special knowledge and skills to be able to use it to achieve your internet marketing goals.

I’ll be taking you through some of the best types of Online marketing that you can employ to grow your business and make more profits:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is seen as one of the oldest ways of digital marketing channels. It serves well as a bridge between the point of your business channel and other related sales.

It’s the use of email to promote your services and products. Through this, you can build; develop relationships with your potential customers. It’s a digital marketing strategy that involves sending of direct mail to your inbox or as a notice to others informing them of a particular business, product, service or website.

There’s email marketing software that you can use for this purpose such as Mail Chimp and constant contact. The types of email marketing campaign available are:

  • Transactional emails
  • Promotional and life cycle emails.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another great internet Marketing channel is SEO. Search engine optimization is a way of increasing the ranking of your Website page in the search engine results. This will go a long way to increase your visibility, authority and Alexa scores.

You’ll start by optimizing a page for a particular keyword; manage links from different sites that target the same keywords. Though, it’s not easy to determine what page that the search engines will rank since that act like robots or advanced robots. Your ranking depends more on the content of your page.

 To utilize your SEO you can use tools such as Moz SEO tools, KeywordTool.io, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Keyword planner and so on.

This practice is best used in guest blogging, public relations, Direct mail, Collateral material, Brand Evangelism, etc. To achieve great success on this type of online marketing, you must ensure the right use of the organic SEO in blog writing, content optimization, and social media engagement.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is the fastest type of internet marketing channels that can drive the desired traffic to your web pages and other related services. However, if you don’t do it very well, it may cost the business lots of dollars without returns.

If you want to be a success at this, you must have to target a  particular keyword. The aim is to transform your latent users into engaged and prospective customers. It’s achieved by attracting to click on a promotion and send them to the right landing page with the content that matches the adverts.

This means that you must have to keep a similar phrasing to that you can keep your new guest engaged all through the experience.

Pay per Click is shown on niche sites on websites or blogs. It can act as sponsored stories on different social media platforms. PPC can be shown as product listing or as video ads.

Majorly, it’s focused on the search term or by the site on which the PPC promotion is shown.

Video Marketing

In case you don’t know, YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the globe. Presently, it’s the third most visited website.

So, using your video content is quite a good interactive way to market your products online. I have searched for a lot of content on YouTube and it has really helped me in solving my problems at the time.

Just consider the Walmart Clown that uses its extraordinary humor to convey its message. Businesses and individuals can use videos to drive home their messages easier.

To engage in video marketing, you must take into consideration the various components such as Copywriting, SEO, SMO, and video production.  Don’t just dabble into it with the intent of using your webcam to shoot video and publish.

Go get the right knowledge on how to do this. Training for this purpose will increase your chances of doing the right thing and getting the best results.

Social Media

Social media marketing is quite appealing. Though it’s the youngest of all of the types of online marketing it’s very innovative and powerful.

A lot can be achieved through social media. Stating with creating business pages like the Facebook business page and so on can be very useful.

You can increase your brand awareness by creating brand platforms on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogger, etc.

In these platforms, you can run page ads to increase your visibility and brand awareness. It gives you the opportunity to grow your fan base/follower/audience. On this platform, you’ll able to relate directly to your fans/followers and also respond to their questions.


Using a blog isn’t a bad idea at all because a blog can contain recordings, podcasts, content articles, new subjects, videos and even provide affiliate marketing.

Through your content articles, you can convince your prospective customers why they have to use your products. Besides the conviction, you’ll also explain what your product is for and how it can serve them better.

Before you release content, you’ve to plan it. From the blog administration, you can rank on the content that your blog is known for.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, another person will have to sell your item for you. The person you help in selling your product will get a commission for the sales job. Affiliate marketing has various guidelines that control it.


There’re various types of internet marketing that you can engage to grow your business. However, these ones above are well tested and the results are quite engaging. Just know the one that best works for you and use it.






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