Dollarama shopping | Online Shopping at Dollarama | Dollarama Account


Dollarama shopping | Online Shopping at Dollarama – Dollarama Account

Dollarama shopping – Dollarama is a Canadian dollar shop retail chain with its headquarters in Montreal. This Canadian dollar shop retail chain has been around since 2009 Canada’s largest vendor of goods worth four dollars or less.

Dollarama shopping

The shop has over one thousand (1000) shops with a presence in every province of Canada. Note; Ontario province has the most shops. It’s similar to Alixepress or Amazon shops.

The shop was founded by a third-generation vendor and Canadian entrepreneur Larry Rossy.

It all began with one shop which was at that time located in Matane Quebec.

In less than two decades, the shop grew to become a household name and shopping destination for Canadians from coast to coast.

The aim of Dollarama is to provide customers with a consistent shopping experience and compelling value.

It does this by offering a broad assortment of general merchandise, consumables.

Dollarama Shopping  Account Registration

An account of this amazing platform is needed if you want to buy items or enjoy certain privileges on the platform.

  • Visit the platform official website at the URL link using any web browser of your choice.
  • Find the “Sign In” link and tap on it. You should find it at the top of the page.
  • Find the “Register” icon on the new webpage and select it.
  • Enter your registration information into the form.

Fill in you’re your details including your password

  • Tap on the terms and condition checkbox
  • Now, tap on the “Create an account” icon.

Now I’m sure that you have just created an account with the platform. You can begin to enjoy every privilege given to members.

Dollarama Shopping  Online

Follow the steps below to shop online at Dollarama.

  • Go to the platform official website using the URL link
  • Select the item you wish to purchase. Use the search bar on the site to find any item.
  • choose the amount of the product once it’s available and tap on the “Add Case to Cart” icon.
  • Tap on the “Checkout” icon and select the method of delivery you want. You can get the item delivered to you or you can get it via pickup.
  • Enter your shipping address and enter your payment info.
  • Finally, review your order and tap on the “Order Now” icon.

Above is how you can easily shop online at Dollarama. If you do not wish to shop online, you could also go to their physical shop. You would be learning more of that later in this article.

Shop Dollarama eGift Cards

To shop Dollarama eGift cards, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the platform official website making use of the URL link
  • Tap on the “Shop eGift Cards” icon and you should be taken to a new webpage.
  • On the new webpage, tap on “Shop eGift Cards” again.
  • Select who you want to gift the eGift card to. Fill in the name of the recipient and your name as well.
  • Tap on the “Next: Select a Design” icon and select your design for the gift card.
  • Now, tap on the ‘‘Select amount” icon.
  • Select the price for the gift card and the quantity you wish to purchase.
  • Find and tap on the ‘‘Add a message” icon and enter your message option.
  • Once you are done with that, tap on the “Next: Recipient’s information” icon and enter the email address of the recipient.
  • Select the preferred delivery date and tap “Add to cart”.

Follow the on-screen instructions given to you afterward and you will successfully purchase a Dollarama eGift card.


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