Dropbox Login | How to Login with Different Account on Dropbox


Dropbox Login | How to Login with Different Account on Dropbox

Dropbox login helps you to access your Dropbox account and access the files that you have saved on this best cloud storing device. I don’t think that you’re new to Dropbox, but if you’re. Dropbox is just one of cloud storage device or platform just like Sound cloud. It’s a platform where you can save files or documents for future use without having to use any of the physical storage devices.

Dropbox login

Dropbox login

 To login to your, Dropbox is very easy, once you have an account. If you don’t have an account, you need to sign up for a Dropbox account.

If you want to sign in, you can either choose to sign up for a business account or a personal account.

Thee business account will help you store your business files. It offers a storage capacity of 2GB space. However, you want more space, you can it for a fee. 2GB is free storage for all users. So, depending on the capacity you want, you can pay for it on the platform and have it for your document storage.

Logging in with a different account

Users can log in using a different account in two major ways. This is possible because users can create more than one account.  So, to sign up two accounts, it has to be one after the other, to avoid login errors. And to achieve this, you should log in with different information.

However, you can log in using different accounts on this platform if you have a business and a personal account. This means that you can now choose the one that you’d love to log in with.

Installing Dropbox

 This isn’t a hard thing at all; you can get the app on the Google play store or any other device play store. When you get on the app store, type in Dropbox and click on the search button. When it appears, click on the install button and follow the instructions if any to install it on your device.

Steps to create your account

Creating an account with the app isn’t hard at all. After downloading the app, you’ll tap on it to open. As the app opens, you’ll see the signup button. Then, key in your names and email address with the right password, after that, click on the checkbox to accept their app’s privacy policy and tap on sign up and boom, you’re done.

Another way to sign up is to go to www.dropbox.com and apply following the same steps as when you’re using the app to sign up. As soon as you’re successful with the signup, you can now carry out your Dropbox login anytime you want to access your files on the platform.

Benefits of using Dropbox

  • It makes files safer
  • You can access your files anywhere in the world provided there’s an internet service there
  • You don’t have to carry your  storage device an about all the time
  •  Viruses can attack your files
  • It gives you more confidence in your work.


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