eBay Business Account | how to start your own eBay selling account

eBay Business Account | how to start your own eBay selling account

How to open an eBay business account has been a question that many have asked over and over again. Most people who ask these questions are often confused. They keep imagining how to open one, even when they visit the eBay website, they seen not to see how to start with the eBay Business account. It’s more like digital marketing, you have to be responsible for your growth in the eBay platform.

 eBay business account

So, they kept asking:

  • Where will I click or where the link to open an eBay business account.
  • What is a charge for  and how to pay for the account,
  • If it doesn’t work out how do I cancel, and can I get my money back?
  • What is the duration of the training, what it’s like and how do I sign up for it.

All these questions field their minds searching for simple and direct answers. Sorry to say that there’re no such direct answers to the questions above.

Understanding eBay– eBay business account

Don’t just desire to open an eBay business account without you first understanding what eBay is and what it’s not. You must realize that eBay doesn’t sell ready-to-run businesses.

This is to say that it has no particular ‘Start a business’ link that you can click on. There’s no particular amount that it charges to start an eBay business account. Also, there aren’t any training manuals or a kind of catalogs that’ll guide you.

What is eBay?

eBay is just a place or venue where sellers can offer their goods and buyers can browse through it and them.

However, selling on eBay is just like renting a shop in a mall or selling items at a market or yard.

The items you sell, where you get the item, the price and how you price, and your delivery details depend on you. eBay doesn’t offer any help or services in any of these areas. They are just like the owners of the mall and they only provide the space.

It’s the store owners that are in charge of filling their space with goods, attracts customers, and makes money to be profitable enough to pay for the rent of the store.

Building an eBay business account

In starting an eBay business, you must know that it’s like building a business from the scratch. It can be quite challenging, but you have to think like an entrepreneur. You need some business sense, street smartness, and good communication skills. Besides these, you’ll need some cash and networking connections.

How to join eBay

To join eBay, you’ll need an eBay account. This same account is what eBay shoppers use and it’s free to create.

With your eBay account, you can buy few things on eBay and learn how eBay shopping works. You’ll see the listings in diverse formats. You can successfully sell on eBay when you have understood eBay bidding quite well. You can make a listing for a sample sale around the house. In case you have any challenges, you can check the list of common first-time sellers.

To sell, use the sell link at the top right of eBay’s website and fill out the selling form to post the items on sale. You must ensure that you have compelling listings that will attract buyers. Then, package and ship your items and ask for leave feedback.

Selling on eBay isn’t a get-rich quick of a thing but you’ve to know that there will be tough times ahead the light at the end of every struggle. However, you must give honest answers to all the questions.

When you’re convinced that this online business is for you, time some time and start the real business on eBay.

Making more sales on eBay

Now that you’ve decided to be selling online, sit down and look for goods that people buy regularly, mark them up and sell with predictions. Locate shopping trends in fashions, cosmetics and tech, and digital products. You can go as far as establishing relationships with sources and suppliers of the products.

Depending on your capital, you can go as far as dealing with the wholesalers. However, you must know that eBay doesn’t help you in any of the processes to undergo. In building your business on eBay, you need to make good research, send emails, make phone calls and visit other businesses to build relationships. Think of good business models that you’ll employ to sell your goods on eBay.

Growing your sales

Set goals and how to grow your business and ensure that start on time to achieve them. Balance your books with good and sustainable selling prices, sell-through rates, and other volumes relative to your costs of getting your items.

Avoid companies and websites that claim to be dealing directly with eBay. Some may not be asking you to click here nor there, pay our fee, get listings, and all of that. You must be careful how you associate with companies and websites that claim what they are not to eBay.

The Benefits of eBay business account

Having an eBay account will offer you the opportunity to connect with unlimited sales globally. It’s an avenue that will help you to list items fast and make sales with such a flexible condition once you get it right. It provides an opportunity for account holders to become eBay partners. Most importantly, it offers users a more guaranteed delivery of their products.

The advantages of eBay business account

  • It provides task reduction for sales and offers users discounts on prices. People who use it have the ability to use their company’s name with full legal protection.






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