eBay Market place | how to sell on eBay with Ease


eBay Market place | how to sell on eBay with ease

eBay market place is an online market platform where consumers and buyers meet to buy and sell. It’s one of the most known online selling websites in the world where people can buy and sell any legitimate goods.

ebay market place

Its headquarter is in San Jose, California and its founder is Pierr Omidyar .eBay is a multinational website for sales worldwide and a multibillion-dollar business that has its operations in more than 30 countries since it started in the year 1995. They offer auction-style sales which include ‘buy it now’’ shopping.

How to buy or sell on eBay- eBay Market place

To be able to buy or sell on eBay you need to create a ‘seller’s account. After this, it can now sell with ease on the eBay market place.


  • Internet connected computer (desktop or laptop).
  • Your debit card or credit card

Steps to sell on eBay Market place

  • Visit the eBay website
  • On the website, you can only buy or sell if you’re a registered user. However, if you’re new, click on register at the top of the eBay Logo to get yourself registered
  • When registered, tap on the sign in link and provided your user ID and Password and move to the page where you’ll list your item for sale. Fill in the name of the item which you want to sell in the box given.
  • You’ll see a list that suggests for you the category you want your item to appear under. If your item isn’t in the category you can click on the blue writing ‘select one here’ to choose the category you have in mind.
  • After selecting the category and a sub-category if available, eBay will show you similar products that can function as a template to create your listing. In case it doesn’t match  or not similar tap on create a new listing
  • You’ll see a new page asking you to choose a condition, just put is it new or used tap on the right one.
  • In the next phase, key in the title of your item. Ensure that it’s clear and quite descriptive to increase your chances of having people finding your item on eBay.
  • Include some pictures of the item and make sure it’s clear and let the pictures have many angles for people to see. Tap on the plus (+) sign to add the photos.
  • When your item is a specific brand or product, change its details for people to easily locate it on your listing when they search.
  • Describe your item. This involves telling people more how the time, how old or other relevant details people need to know about the item.
  • Select if you want to put it for auction so that people can place bids to buy. Also if you want to put it on Buy it now price. For the auction option, add your last price.
  • You’ll be asked for the about postage, provide them, though eBay has it when you signed up for the eBay market place account. With this, they can send the costs and recommendations of the item to the buyer. Though, if the item is too big to post you can sell it as a collection in person buy ticking in the box and then, tap on the change button.

eBay commission

eBay doesn’t charge you for listing your items, but anytime the item is sold, they’ll get a commission.

Benefits of selling on eBay Market Place

  • Buyers stay more on the site than other market places like Amazon or Aliexpress.com
  • They provide better customization options for listing items
  • It offers an auction-style listing that can drive more revenues for sellers.

The eBay selling disadvantage

  • It charges higher per sale than the most marketplace
  • There are low unique visits per seller
  • It doesn’t offer email services
Tips for better sales on eBay

You can make more sales on eBay through a lot of ways. Here are some tips to help you make good sales on eBay:

  • Read eBay’s item listing recommendations to know the best practices for item title, price, description, etc.
  • You can increase your selling options with listing upgrades or automating seller tasks. This may cost you extra money, though, it’ll benefit you later.
  • Provide details to your buyers upfront to avoid miscommunication at any time in the process of buying. If you do this, it’ll save you from returns of items or bad reviews.


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