Facebook Ads Manager | How to set up ads account

Facebook Ads Manager | How to set up ads account

One of the important tools you’ll need to grow your business on Facebook is the Facebook Ads manager tool. Many people who want to grow their business through social media digital marketing often find it difficult because they don’t know how to set up a Facebook ads manager account.

 Facebook ads manager

You may be asking why or the importance of this tool. But if you’ll achieve a good success advertising your brand on social media such as Facebook, you’ll need to set up a Facebook Ads manager account.

Because there’re over a million business outfits who advertise their business and services on Facebook, you won’t be left out because if you keep quiet, your competitors will go far ahead of you.

Facebook ads are quite easy to understand, hence, business both big and small use it to promote their businesses.

Why you need Facebook Ads manager

There’s other reason more than reaching more clients, prospective buyers on the giant social media that has over 2 billion users. More than a hundreds of millions of people uses Facebook daily. Also, people use the messenger app, and Facebook lite to communicate to friends, loved ones and discuss business.

The Facebook ads manager has a structure that looks very hard to understand and to set up. But even in the appearance, you can still get it right. Getting it right here means that you’ll give your users the tools to level pup your ads and to accomplish your campaigns.

What is in the Facebook ads manager?

Through the Facebook ads Manager app, you can access the platform at any time you want and wherever via your Smartphone. You can get the app in various app stores. If you wish to use it for your ads campaign, you need to have the following:

  • Access to the ads for free but you’ll pay for the ads campaign
  • Ability to create your own ads set and ads
  • You can choose the type of audience that you want.
  • You should be able to access the record and performance of your business campaign

Procedures to Access Facebook Ads Manager

Basically, you can access this in 3 ways, through thee Facebook ads manager app or by visiting www.facebook.com/ads/managers. The third is the facebook official website. Making use of the app is quite easier to use and to do this; you must have the facebook account.

To start, you need to login to your Facebook account. Click on ‘ads’ so that you’ll be redirected to the ads account homepage.

On getting to the new homepage, you’ll see your profile image at the right corner of the top of the page. Look at the top left corner of the page to see a 3 line menu.

There, you’ll see your audiences, the setting and the image, business location and create and manage options. Focusing on this page, you’ll know how to setup you Facebook campaign.

Setting up the Facebook Ads manager

You to advertise your business on facebook, you must need Facebook manager account. Just login to your Facebook account and find the Facebook ads manager at the top of the account.

You can perform four tasks on the platform which are the ads, ads set, ads account and campaign.

 In using this, you have to utilize theme to achieve the following:

  • Select your campaign purpose, brand awareness and key in your campaign name and tap on the set up ads account.
  • Click on the continue button. Create your audience and choose your budget, placement and schedule
  • Choose your format for adverts
  • Select a video or image for your ads campaign
  • Choose the identity you need to create the page. Enter the details in the 3rd section and tap the continue tab.
  • Fill in your payment method and click on the continue to confirm that it’s yours.

By following the steps above you can create your Facebook ads for your business. You can follow the steps on your mobile app. Each time you want to start your campaign, click on the order button.

The benefits of Facebook ads are many and with the ads, you can grow your business to reach more people and make more profit. When you make use of ads, you’ll always be ahead of your competitors and your sales will increase.






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