Facebook Advertising | How to create Facebook Ads | Advertising plans


Facebook Advertising | How to create Facebook Ads | Advertising plans

 Facebook advertising is great in helping your business boost more and gains more engagements. With the Facebook advertising plan, advertisers can effortlessly showcase their business online on Facebook.

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To achieve that, there is some advertisement plan you need to put in place as there are various plans to create a successful business ad. In this article, I’ll be enlightening you about Facebook advertising and how to go about it, read on.

Facebook Advertising Plan

The Facebook Advertising Plan is the steps needed to set out your objectives and targets before carrying out your Facebook advert.

Having over two billion active Facebook users on the platform daily, Facebook is a great platform for advertising your products. Your chances of connecting and communicating with your ideal customer is very high.

Of course, you would need a Facebook account to use the advertising service on the platform, using your account, you can run or create Ads or create groups to advertise your business or brand on the platform.

Facebook Account

You can sign up for a new one if you do not have an account or sign in to your account if you already one. Follow the steps below to sign up:

  • Proceed to the Facebook official website at com or launch the Facebook mobile app on your device.
  • Enter the information on the create account form, fill in your first name, surname, mobile phone number, or your email address, and then create a new password for the account that you can also remember whenever you want to log in.
  • Choose your date of birth and then tick out the gender of the account.
  • Then tap on Sign up.

The account will be created, but it will be incomplete until you verify the email or mobile number.

Facebook Sign In

Follow the steps below to sign in after creating your account or if you have one already;

  • Open the mobile app on your device or go to com
  • Fill in your email address or mobile number and the password of the account.
  • Hit on login.

The account will be loaded, once the details are confirmed to be right.

Advertising Plans

Here are the plans to carry out before creating your Facebook ad:

  • Find the ideal client for the product.
  • Learn the best practices on Facebook advertising.
  • Select the Ad targeting options.
  • Set the Retargeting.
  • Scale the campaigns.

Advertising Campaign Plan

Here are the tips to follow for your advertising on Facebook:

  • Set up the Goals for the campaign.
  • Then head on to outline the Ad campaign plan.
  • Decide or select the people you want to target.
  • Set the Budget of the Ad.
How to Create Facebook Ads

Creating Ads on the platform is simple and fast to do. To do that, follow these guidelines below;

  • Choose the campaign Objective.
  • Select the audience and the campaign budget.
  • Create the Ad you want to use.
  • Then choose the placements.
  • Place the Ad campaign order.

After it has been approved by Facebook Team, then you can track the progress of the Ad campaign once it was be made live.


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