Facebook Business groups | 6 Smart ways for business marketing on groups


 6 Smart ways to use Facebook Business groups for business marketing

Facebook business groups- There’re several clever ways you can use Facebook groups to market your business. It doesn’t matter if you created one or you joined the facebook group created by someone, the most important thing here is to know how to use this Facebook business groups to market your business and get your business known out there and let people patronize you the more.

Facebook business groups

What is Facebook business groups

Growing your business with social media is the fastest, cheapest and easiest to do. The Facebook business groups are just a place/group created on Facebook with the aim of reaching people to discuss a common interest, share ideas and possibly make some sales. This community is only available for people on the platform. On this platform, you can chat and connect with lots of family and friends. This means you can promote and manage your business.

Why you need to join Facebook business groups

Because the Facebook groups comprise people that share a common interest, when you join a group, you can match with a target customer. There’s always a multiplied opportunity to improve your business awareness.

If you want to reveal opportunities in a group, type a keyword or the topic in the search box on the right hand of the group’s page.

How to join a Facebook business group

You can join up to 6,000 groups on Facebook. To going any group, log in to your Facebook account profile and find groups on the left-hand side of your Facebook home page in the explore section.

Click on the Groups tab and you’ll be sent to discover groups landing pages automatically. Facebook will help you to suggest groups depending on the pages you’ve likes or the groups that your friends are members of. Also, you’ll see your friends and members of the groups that are suggested to you.

Smart ways to use Facebook business groups for marketing

  1. It gives Value for Customers

 Most times, you have to create a Facebook group to reward your customers and also make them feel special. Sometimes you can purposely create a group for people that have purchased your product.

This means that the group will serve as a follow-up link where you can send them messages and appreciations for patronage. Also, you can use this means to respond to their questions.

2. Building your Community

With the Facebook group,  you can build a community of people with the same interest, for instants,  if you sell photographic material, you can create a group where you photographers from different parts of the country in it. This community of photographers can relate with each other, share ideas and trends in the industry. Also, it can boost your business a great deal because you’ll use the community to publicize your sales and many of them will buy from you.

3. Discussing of Current Events

Groups keep people current in the industry that they belong to. Most of the updated information will be shared on this platform and members will get informed.

It helps members to discuss events that are trending in the industry.

4. Promotion of Events

Through these groups, you can promote upcoming events by sharing them in your group to inform group members. Sometimes you can share or promote an event across other related groups to create awareness about the event.

5. Strengthening of your Team

When you have a big team of people that works for you from different locations, you can create a Facebook group to connect them and keep them in touch with you. This can serve to keep the employer and the employers in touch and also promote company unity, culture, and progress.

5. Improve communication with Brand Ambassadors

One of the reasons for creating this group is to keep in touch with your fans. When you have strong relationships with your top brand ambassadors, you can easily connect with others around the environment or country to help you build your business.

How to create a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group isn’t hard. It’s similar to creating a Facebook business page. All you have to do is to look closely at the top of your Facebook profile. You’ll see a button ‘’Create a Group’’. Click on the create a group button and 

  • Enter the group name and add some people. You may leave the security categories closed.
  • Then, click on the ‘’Create’’ button.
  • Upload a photo as a cover photo and click on the Save button
  • Select a location and click on more, then, fill the group details and click on save. 


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