3 Vital Reasons Why the facebook dating app not showing up

3 Vital Reasons Why the Facebook dating app not showing up

There are lots of amazing features on Facebook right now that will amaze you. if the Facebook dating app not showing up Recently there’s a reason. Facebook just introduced a top-notch feature to the platform called Facebook dating. As we write, very many people on Facebook are already making use of the platform. Additionally, they could tell how useful the platform can be. Although people tend to complain about not having the Facebook Dating app feature. This is because this feature is not showing up on their account. That may be due to one or two reasons.

facebook dating app not showing up

First of all, there is more to Facebook dating than you know. At this moment, the platform availability is limited to few countries. As a result, if your Facebook dating app is not showing up on your device, it could be why. So, do not get worried. In this article, we’ll show you the reasons why the Facebook dating app might not be showing up on your account.

Moreover, this is not just another dating app. In the dating world, it is a top dating platform. Facebook made sure to place so much time, effort, and money into developing the platform. As a result, do not expect a regular dating platform. Go on and see reviews that have compared Facebook dating to top dating platforms. The comparison is with platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and other top dating platforms.

Apart from the fact that it’s being highly rated, it also possesses interesting features. These are features that would give you surprises and excitement. After hearing all that, you decided to make use of Facebook dating and it is not showing up. Do not worry, read on and expect to see reasons why it happened in this content.

Reasons Why Facebook dating app not showing up

If you want to make use of the Facebook dating app feature, you have to meet some requirements. So, if it is not showing up for you, do not jump to conclusion that Facebook dating is not working. This is because there are certain reasons why it would not show up. None of the reasons fall under problems or issues with your Facebook. However, they are mainly what Facebook wants. They include the following:

  1. Facebook Dating is not Available in Your Country

When it comes to this, Facebook made its dating feature available not to everyone. It is available to a few countries during its launch period. In the beginning, it was just five countries. This was mainly to test its functionality. As of then, if you are not in any of the 5 countries Facebook dating won’t show up for you. Later on, Facebook made it available to 15 more countries as it was successful. Today, it is in those 20 countries and still counting. Thereby making Facebook dating availability much larger.

Now, if you are not in any of the countries with Facebook dating, you may not access it. It is only available in them, do not expect to access Facebook dating outside these countries. That being said, the 20 countries include:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Guyana
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Singapore
  • Suriname
  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • United States
  • Uruguay
  • Vietnam
  • Europe
  1. You trying to Access the Dating Feature on the Web 

Facebook dating has only been made available on the Facebook app and no web version. Therefore, if you have been trying to access Facebook dating via the Facebook web, it won’t work. Facebook dating would not show up for you on the web. At the moment, the dating platform has been made available on the Facebook app.

  1. You are not Old Enough to Access the Feature

Facebook made Facebook dating available to 18+ users only. As a result, accessing Facebook dating means you must be 18 or older. This is considered the age of maturity in most countries. Dating as we all know is not for kids. It is open only to those who understand it and are emotionally capable.

Accessing Facebook dating means that all the requirements stated must be met. Not just those in this content must be met. You must meet their terms and conditions or else forget about using Facebook dating.







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