Facebook Free Mode – Facebook Free Mode Link | Facebook Free data mode


Facebook Free Mode – Facebook Free Mode Link | Facebook Free data mode

Facebook Free Mode  –  This  Mode on Facebook is a very great feature on Facebook which allows you to use the platform without any charge on Data or Internet Bandwidth.

facebook free mode

So, one reason why people don’t have access to the internet is because of the charges placed on data (Bandwidth).

Some people aren’t happy especially when they need to do something online. Moreover, this article is for the  Free Mode  on Settings

When there’s a communication vacuum individual, it becomes a problem.

Then, Facebook decided to fix this problem by introducing the Free Mode for all users. I think they deserve credit for this. At least give them credit for always making efforts to help users all over the world use their platform no matter the circumstance.

It’s a major secret behind Face book’s growth and success. People will always go for the most affordable and reliable no matter what

 The  Free Mode Link

Facebook has two kinds of modes on Facebook and they are:

  • Data Mode and
  • Free Mode

The Data Mode offers the user access to Facebook with all the features in place like Facebook Avatar. That is, you can check out everything on the Facebook platform. Data Mode is a great feature,  just that there is a charge on internet bandwidth.

This feature is quite effective for messaging and notifications. During the Free Mode, you are denied access to all media present on the platform.

Switching between these two is only possible if you are making use of the Facebook App on your device (Android or IOS).

If you want to make a switch from Data Mode to Free Mode, simply scroll to the top of your Facebook Page after login.

There’s a pink box with the inscription “Go to Free”. Then,  on it and the change is complete. However,  to go back to the Data Mode, just follow the same process.

It’s all that you need to know about the Facebook  feature Settings and how it works


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