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Facebook Friend List – View Facebook Friend List | Your Friend List On Facebook

Facebook has provided an avenue through which Facebook users can easily organize their friends. The Facebook Friend List is a medium through which you can arrange some Facebook friends in a group. The group can be called lists. You can set a privacy preference to what they can see when you post or you can from them. The Facebook Friend List is easy and also free to use. Simply read on to get the basics of the Facebook Friend List and what it is about.

facebook friend list

Facebook Friend List

The Facebook Friend List can be easily used to arrange your friends on your Facebook. When the Friend List is in use, you can post an update for specific people on the Facebook platform. The specific people could include your coworkers or friends who live near you. Likewise, you can get updates from specific groups of people (for example include close friends, family, etc.).

You can freely add or remove friends from the Friend List you have added them to at any time you want. People you have added to a Facebook Friend List won’t even know when you add or remove them to or from the list.

Your Friend Lists on Facebook

There are several categories that you can add a Facebook friend to on your Facebook. These special categories indicate and make automatic setups on what you share with that user you have added. Particularly to an option on the Edit Friend List. Below are some of the categories you can add a friend to on Facebook:

  • Unnamed List: You can create a custom list to organize friends as you want. After that, you can add people to the list you create and apply privacy restrictions to them. Your friends won’t even know when you add them to a custom list.
  • Restricted: The set of people you have added on the restricted friend list are people who you’ve added as a friend. However, you don’t want to share your post with. When you add someone to your restricted list, they can only be able to see your public post. They can also see posts that you tag them.
  • Acquaintance: These are the set of friends you might want to share less with. With this, you can choose to exclude these lists of people when they post something. You can do so by choosing “friends except for Acquaintance” in the audience selector or privacy set up.
  • Close Friends: Your Close Friends lists contain people with who you may want to share everything with always.

How to Add a Facebook Friend to Edit Friend List Option

It is extremely easy to add a Facebook friend to Friend Lists. Simply follow the procedures below to easily add a friend to any of the Friend Lists. To any particular one you want them to appear in:

  • First, launch your web browser.
  • Then enter the URL com.
  • Now, sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Then search for the user you want to add to your friend lists.
  • When on the user profile page, click on the friend icon from the right side of the profile page.
  • Now, click on “Edit Friend List”.
  • Then select and click on the Friend List from the options of Friend Lists you want them in.

The user will be added to the Friend List you have selected for them automatically. Now you can check on the Friend List menu to get the Friend List privacy set up to your specifications.

How to See your Friend Lists

It is also easy to have access to your Friend Lists on Facebook. Below are the procedures on how you can operate on your Facebook friend lists:

  • First, launch your web browser.
  • Then enter the URL com.
  • Now, sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Then click on the Facebook home page.
  • When it opens, on the left section of the screen, click on “See More”.
  • Finally, scroll and click on “Friend Lists”.

Now you can click on any of the Friend Lists you want to access easily. Immediately, you will be opened to it. From this menu also you can add or remove people to the friend lists easily without stress.


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