Facebook Friend Suggestion | Facebook Friends Suggest 2020


Facebook Friend Suggestion | Facebook Friends Suggest 2020

Facebook Friend Suggestion is a major feature of The Facebook platform. You’ll get the right friend suggestion on Facebook if you can pay attention to this.

facebook friend suggestion

Why Do I Get Friend Suggestion Notifications?

If you’re wondering why you get notifications, the reason is that you are on a social platform, Facebook is simply trying to help you connect to people you know, that is why they keep suggesting people to you.

You might be wondering, what is Facebook friend suggestion mutual? What does friend suggestion mean on Facebook?

If I get a friend’s suggestion on FACEBOOK does the person receive the same suggestion as well? Why do I even get these notifications on FACEBOOK?

This article will help you with the answers you need concerning friend suggestions on Facebook and how it works. You have to make sure that you read this write-up to the end.

Facebook Friend Suggestion

Facebook usually suggests friends to users based on mutual friends, education information, network, contact, work, etc.

That is to say, Facebook can suggest someone who is a Facebook friend of your friend (mutual friend),

Facebook suggests someone who you have his/her contact, a colleague at work, or your school mates via the educational data on your profile.

Most times it is the information you provide on the profile description that Facebook uses to suggest friends to you.

What does friend suggestion mean on FACEBOOK?

You still don’t get the picture, well let’s explain what Friend’s suggestion is.

Friends’ suggestion is a means of suggesting possible contacts that you know.

These suggestions are made based on the Facebook algorithm, which considers diverse factors to introduce or suggest friends to users.

How does it work?

Read this section to understand more about how the feature works and how Facebook suggests friends to users

Profile data:

The information you provide on your profile gives Facebook a clue on who to suggest to you.

When you give details on your school, residence, family membersFacebook will use such info to find and suggest to you people who fall in that category.

Friends of friends:

Is the popular way Facebook uses to suggest friends to users. Suggesting mutual friends has a greater chance of being a person you know that’s why when you visit a friend profile you will see over 50 mutual friends.

Likes and comments:

When you like or comment on post people who you share the same interest will likely fall into your friends’ suggestion list

Friends you add:

Facebook gets the clue on the type of people you will like and then find and suggest them to you


This is another common way Facebook uses to suggest friends to users.

When you sync your phone contact to Facebook, it will display people who’re in your contact list who are on FACEBOOK.

Facebook Friend Suggestion Notification

Suggestion notification always displays people you might likely know who are on Facebook.

FACEBOOK will keep notifying you on people you may know.

There are possible ways you can try to control the way you get friend suggestion notifications on FACEBOOK

How to Control Friend Suggestion Notifications

If you’re looking for a way to turn Facebook friend suggestions notifications,

you cannot turn off the notifications but you can control it.

To control the suggestion you get, ensure you don’t accept a friend requests from people who are not in your interest list.

When you accept such a friend request, you have opened the door for likely friend suggestion. Try to add friends who you like their profile more. So before accepting or adding a friend, check the person’s profile to access their data including education, residence, etc.

If you don’t want to be getting the notification, my advice is for you to stop accepting friends, the more you accept friends the more friend suggestion notification you will get.

If I Get a Friend Suggestion on FACEBOOK Does The Other Person Get it Too?

When you receive a friend’s suggestion on FACEBOOK there’s every possibility that the other person gets it too.

Do you know why you may be having mutual friends with the person or you may have the person’s mobile number?


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