Facebook Groups | Create or Join Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups | Create or Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are created by individuals, businesses or organizations to promote their activities on the Social media Platform. Through this group created on Facebook, they can reach more audience and interact with them. It opens an opportunity for any of their followers or fans to reach them and get informed about happenings in their lives, businesses or organizations.

Facebook groups

It’s a very easy way for business to bring their product users or followers together for interaction/discussions as the days roll by.

Facebook groups are very important to individuals such that they can use it to keep in touch with a small group of friends or colleagues or people of the same profession. For instance, a photographer can easily join any inspiring photography group on Facebook to learn from more experienced photographers.  Not only that, he or she can get referrals from the contributions he or she makes on the group. The applies to people in other professions such as doctors, nurses, book club, fashion designers and so on.

Benefits of joining or creating Facebook groups

There’re lots of benefits that one can get by joining a facebook group or creating one. Of course, many already know about WhatsApp groups so, this won’t be a new idea to many. Below are some of the benefits of joining a Facebook group:

  • Getting updates from the organization or individual
  •  Learning from more experienced group members
  • Getting referrals
  • Fan building
  • Group discussion on topical issues
  • Promoting one’s products or services
  • Social media sharing  of photos and videos/relevance
  • Mentorship training
  • Marketing of your business to followers and prospective customers.
  • Telling people about upcoming events

Most importantly, Facebook groups help to build business community and grow your brands.

Anyone who has a Facebook account can create a Facebook group.

Facebook group types

  • Open group: The open Facebook group allows anyone to view it, see their members and their posts.
  • The Closed Group: Anyone / Users/members can view the group and their members, but only the members can see the group posts.
  •  A secret Facebook group: Here, only members can see the group information. If you aren’t a member, you won’t be able to know that the group even exists.

How to join a Facebook group

  • To join, go to the search bar at the top of your Facebook  account
  •  Provide the name of the group you’re searching for and click on the search button.
  • Click on more to choose groups when it appears
  • Click on join on the group you want to join.

Note: depending on the group settings, you may be needed to provide some information on a box and send it to the group admin to approve your request.

For groups you can’t find, it may be a secret group and someone needs to invite you to join the group.

How you can leave a Facebook group

If you’re no longer interested in remaining in a particular group, you can leave the group through the steps below:

  • Go to your news feed menu and click on groups and choose the group you want to leave
  • Navigate down the page and click on info and then, click on the leave group.

Once you leave the group, the members won’t be informed when you leave. You’ll be removed from the member list of the group and the group will be removed from your group list. Thereafter, you won’t get notifications from the group.

The Numbers of groups one can join

One person can join up to 6,000 groups and once you reach this, you’ve to leave other groups to join another one.

How Facebook suggests groups to users to join

  • Some Facebook pages you’ve liked
  •  The groups that your friends are members of
  • Some similar public or closed groups that you’re a member of.
  • The Facebook groups near you or within your neighborhood
Choosing what you’re notified of on Facebook group
  • Scroll to your news feed and click on Menu, thereafter, tap on groups and choose your group
  • Navigate down and click on info and tap on the Edit notification settings
  • Choose your settings
  • All Posts: Here, you’ll get notifications anytime a member post in the group
  • Highlights: It allows you to get notification from the member’s post on the group.
  • The friend’s post: it  enables you to get notification each time your friend’s make posts
  • Off: When it’s off, you can’t get a notification anytime a member makes a post.

Any time you join a Facebook group, you’ll receive notification settings to set your highlights by default.

Ways you can post on Facebook Groups

To post on groups:

  • Click the Menu and tap the groups and choose your group
  • You’ll bee write something…, click on more
  • You’ll see post an update
  •  Tag friends
  • Add location
  • You can tap on the camera to take a photo to update.
Sharing photos or videos on a Facebook group

 It’s very simple sharing photos on a Facebook group. To achieve this, ensure that the Photos or videos are saved to their camera roll. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Just from your news feed, click on the Menu and tap the groups and choose your group
  • Click on the photo at the top of  your group and choose your photo
  • After selecting the photo, write an optional caption and click on the post.

Every member of the group can add photos to the group album. But some group admin can restrict the posting.

Selling something on a buy and sell Facebook group

Some Facebook groups are for buying and selling. You can only sell if you have the buy and sell on groups’ features on. This requires the admin to turn it on the group.

Selling anything on the group, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the group and choose to buy and sell group  you like to sell in
  • Click what you are selling? Seen at the top of the post.

You must note that you can’t sell items like weapons, drugs, animals, and counterfeits. Items that infringe on the property rights aren’t allowed in the buy and sell groups or the Facebook market place.






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