Facebook insights| Facebook insights Analysis tool for best page engagement


Facebook insights| Facebook insights Analysis tool for best page engagement

Facebook insights- Do you have a Facebook business page? Do you want to know how your content drives people on Facebook? This post is for you.

Facebook insights

 Of course, if you want to know how your content is doing on our Facebook page and how people are reacting to your posts and how people get engaged by the activities on your business page, you need a Facebook insights app.

Facebook insights help you to know which of your content that drives people to engage.

What is Facebook Insights?

The Facebook insight is a Facebook tool and a version of Facebook web page analysis.  It helps users to know and keep track of information on their pages and accounts about page views, unique views and statistics of fans on the page. It also analyses wall posts, audio plays, photo views, videos, and many other activities on the page.

Insights provide page owners access to use the insight app. It helps the users, producers and domain administrators to understand more about the user trends.

In using this app, you’ll get improved pages and better content management. Users get to know all the information on a daily basis and allow the admin to view the daily or monthly statistics and engagement.

I must say that this tool is very powerful and it tracks the user’s interaction on their Facebook insights shows all the admin of their page. Also, helps you to track the numbers of real/active users for more understanding of the page’s performance.

The Facebook insight Tools

Every user on Facebook that has a business page, will always want to know how their information is doing or how the content is performing. With this, you can maximize your sharing strategy.

This app will help you to really stay with that content that’s the best for your brand and also avoid things that don’t work.

One thing you’ll know using this tool is the best time of the day to post. Also, you’ll know the best day of the week to post and the type of content that’s most popular. However, users must know that this tool is always updated to show users’ pages development, the patterns that they also form. What this means is that users must keep checking back on this app to keep in the loop.

How to view insights from Facebook page

To know the best content from your page, go to your page and click on Insights at the top of the page. You’ll see the graph, the posts with the highest reach. Then, note the widest reach posts, maybe you can replicate them over time.

How to download the Facebook Insight Analysis app

Because Facebook analytics helps users to monitor their growth and engagements, you can access every statistic from your Facebook pixel page.

To have this on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Google play store on your device
  2. Search for Facebook analytics or Facebook insights on the search bar. Once the icon pops up on the search results
  3.  Click the download button, allow to download and then, install the app on your devices. Thereafter, you can now access all the features on the app.
Focus on the Real thing

If you have discovered the best engagement post, you can replicate it or produce a similar post. With this, you’ll have to focus on the most important aspect of your business or brand. Focusing your goals includes the number of comments, likes, shares, website clicks, emails, traffic, sales and other engagement from the posts on your page.

 With this in mind, you can grow a very big business and brand using Facebook, using Facebook ads can be very good to in increasing your posts engagement and driving more traffic to your page and website.


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