Facebook Marketing | How to promote Small Businesses with Facebook



Facebook Marketing | How to promote Small Businesses with Facebook

Facebook marketing-Are you a Facebook user? Do you have a business? Are you aware that you can market your business on Facebook? Well if you are not aware, this article will enlighten you on how to market your business on Facebook.

facebook marketing

Why market on Facebook-Facebook marketing

You might be wondering, why the market on Facebook, well for starters, the world is becoming a global marketplace.

That means most people looking for products tend to go to these social media platforms to look for products.

And right now there is no bigger platform than the Facebook platform.

Facebook has over 2 billion users, which amounts to about 40% of the global population. Insane right

Also, Facebook is becoming more business-friendly so you have a business you want to market; there is probably a no better place than Facebook right now.

Facebook Marketing for Business

Marketing on  Facebook  for Business is very easy to access; this is because Facebook has recently started adopting a business approach.

Facebook has various advertising strategies that are user friendly and very easy for users to access.

One of the amazing features of the advertising platform is that it allows the user to target its audience.

An algorithm allows the user to zero the location of the audience, the requirement of the audience, and even the number of its audience.

Business users understand that business usually grows by buying and selling, well most people who might be interested in your business aren’t in your location.

Or worse they might not even know that you exist, luckily Facebook marketing eliminates that as it introduces you to millions of potential users.

Marketing on Facebook is great to help business users to find new customers. Another plus is the social nature of the platform.

Unlike traditional marketing where you usually interact with the customer only on the first time basics.

Facebook goes further than that as it allows you to interact with the customer thereby creating a lasting relationship.

So just sit back and relax as we take you on a journey, explaining this amazing feature called Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing Tools for Business

The following features are tools for marketing your business on the Facebook social media platform so as to boost your business in lots of ways.

Facebook page: Facebook page is a free feature that can be used to build your business; you can connect to lots of users.

These Users are potential customers seeking products.

You can advertise your product by creating posts showcasing the product; you can customize your page to give it a business outlook.

This makes the page attractive to potential customers.

Apart from products, you can also post links to your business website if you have one.

Facebook advertising:

Facebook advertising is a feature that appears on the side of the Facebook app, it’s a very important feature for Facebook marketing.

You can also use Facebook advertising by simply boosting a post.

If you have a product that you create awareness about you can simply boost it.

Hosting Facebook contests;

By hosting Facebook contests, you can still create awareness about a product thereby promoting business.

This form of promotion is another marketing method that can increase your business dramatically.

Facebook promoted posts;

Promoted posts are perhaps the biggest game-changer while it comes to Facebook marketing.
Facebook marketing is sometimes tedious for some users but the promoting business eliminates it completely.

It reaches your targeted customers faster than any marketing means.

Promoted posts usually perform at least ten times better than normal posts; all you have to do Is pay a certain amount.

The amount directly transfers to the number of users you can reach, which means to reach more you have to probably pay more.

Facebook open graph;

This is also an important tool user’s employ when marketing their business on Facebook, they use it to monitor their post-performance.

Facebook exchange:

The Facebook Exchange allows advertisers to take advantage of ad retargeting on Facebook via real-time bidding.



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