Facebook Memories | Memory on Facebook | See Facebook Memory


Facebook Memories | Memory on Facebook | See Facebook Memory

What I’m sure of is that you must have heard of Facebook Memories? If you haven’t heard of this service before then you’re missing plenty on Facebook.

facebook memories

Now Facebook has changed the way users have a look at social media. Facebook has brought lots of features for users online to form social media a pleasant place to be and filled with fun.

Facebook Memory Posts

Now on Facebook, you’ll get reminded of your posts from the year you became a Facebook user. Annually are reminded on Facebook, every activity you are doing on Facebook is been kept and can be displayed year after year.

But before you’ll get memory on Facebook, you must be a Facebook user. This implies you want to have a Facebook account which implies you want to be a member on Facebook. There are plenty of tips I’ll be supplying you with today on the subject.

Memory Pictures on Facebook

The Facebook memory like I said earlier is a service that always reminds you of your previous yearly activities on your Facebook account.

This includes your birthday celebration, users you became friends with, also your videos and photos. Also, all of your posts are going to be reminded and can be shown to you.

But if you are feeling that you don’t want it, and so I’ll be showing you how to turn off. If you would like it then I will be able to also show you the way to access it and see all of your Facebook memories. But you want to continue reading this text for more and full details.

Memory on Facebook

Memory on Facebook is controlled; yes you’ll be able to control how you wish to determine your Facebook memories. Also, you’ll control who sees or view your Facebook memory, you’ll be able to even hide it on Facebook. I’ll be showing to activate your Facebook memory notifications, plus how to share it with your friends on Facebook too.

How to Access Facebook Memories

Now after you want to access your Facebook memories is extremely easy, just follow the instructions listed below. Here is a way to view Facebook memories on iOS.

  • Open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Tap the three dots at the underside right corner of the page on the screen.
  • Then scroll down and click on see more.
  • Tap or click “on this day”.
  • When you do these completely then you’ll see your memories on the Facebook platform.

Here is the way to see your memories using the android device;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Tap the three dots icon at the highest right of the page on your screen.
  • Then scroll down and click on “see more”.
  • Tap “on this day”.
  • Then your memories on Facebook are going to be displayed.

Here is the way to see your memories on Facebook using the Facebook website;

  • Access your internet and open facebook.com.
  • Then log in
  • Tap “see more” under the explore tab beside your screen.
  • Tap on “on this day”.
  • Then you’ll see your memories on Facebook successfully.

How to activate /off  Notifications of the memories

You can choose whether to induce notifications for your memories on Facebook. If you would like to manage it, then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Facebook memories feature.
  • Then click “Notifications” on the left menu.
  • Now select “None” to show off all notifications or “Highlights” to work out less.
  • This is the way to close up or reduce your Facebook memory notifications.

How to Share Memory on Facebook

If you wish to share your memories then read the steps below:

  • Access the  this via a  link https://web.facebook.com/memories.
  • Then click share at the underside of the memory you wish to share.
  • You can add an optional update and click post.


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