Facebook Newsroom | Steps to Access Facebook Newsroom


Facebook Newsroom | Steps to Access Facebook Newsroom

 The Facebook newsroom offers updates with the current events that you can easily get updated when you can’t have access to your television, radio or browsing data on your Smartphone.

facebook newsroom

Through the Facebook Newsroom, you can receive opinions, updates, football news, live news and many more.

Facebook is a social media network that connects people and brings them together mostly friends. Also, it helps to reconnect with old friends. From the Facebook news feeds, you’ll see meaning posts about current events that you cared about.

Purposes of Facebook newsroom

You can use the Newsroom platform of Facebook to stay connected and communicate with people. It always keeps you abreast with information happening around you or around the globe.

Also, this Facebook platform is filled with articles, videos that will satisfy your needs as you surf social media for information. You won’t have the ‘’fear of missing out’’ or FOMO with the Facebook Newsroom updates.

Facebook News room Accessibility

This service is accessible over a large range of services and devices. However, using this platform means that you must be eligible. Your eligibility depends on age and the age limit is 13 years and above to have a Facebook account.

How you can create your Facebook account

Since having a Facebook account is the online criteria to accessing these services, follow the steps below to open your open facebook account if you are eligible.

  • You can use your PC or your Smartphone, just find and internet browser
  •  Click on the search bar and type in thins link https://en-gb.facebook.com/login/ and tap on go
  • It’ll lead you to the page to login. Fill  the particulars needed for creating Facebook account in the bar
  • Click on thee create account
  • You’ll see the personal data form , click on it to sign up with your details
  • In  a short while, you’ll be on Facebook
  • But before you’ll be fully on Facebook, you’ll get a confirmation code sent to your mobile phone number you  used  to sign up  for  Facebook account
  • Confirm your phone number; follow any other steps or procedures that are required from you.
Steps to Access the Facebook News room
  • Go to your mobile phone or PC and locate your internet browser using Google chrome, opera mini, Mozilla Firefox or any internet browser.
  • Tap on the search bar icon
  • Fill in this link https://newsroom.fb.com/, then, tap the go button.

Wow, you’re just ready on the Facebook Newsroom home page. However, before you can access some features on this platform, you’ve to log in to your Facebook account. This Platform has other attributes such as the search bar, home, news, company info, inside feed, directory, Media gallery, and investor relations button.

 Thanks for taking this opportunity to get connected with people and events around you and beyond.


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