Facebook Offers | How to sell using Facebook offers


Facebook Offers | How to sell using Facebook offers

Facebook offers allows business owners to post offers on their Facebook business page. It can be about a new product/service, store discount or promo. Getting your business out there to your clients and prospective clients is your utmost concern and this Facebook offers will help you achieve.

Facebook offers

Facebook offers is really a great way for businesses to promote their products/ services and sales for their shops and online stores.It’s a way of getting new customers and improving on your sales through the Facebook offers ads features on their Facebook pages.

So, to be part of this great innovation, you have to take a bold step by creating a Facebook business page. There’re different types of Facebook offers to choose from in boosting your business whether it’s online or offline.

 The Types of Facebook Offers

The In-store only-This offer is best for in-store sales/businesses. If customers want to redeem these offers, they have to present the offer either in print from email or via displaying it on their Smartphone.

Online offers- The online only offers is redeemable online only via the company’s website or other online platforms.

Both In-store and Online offers-Here, you have to choose both the Facebook offers option so it can be redeemed by customers both online and in-store.

Steps to create Facebook offer

  •  Go to the left side of your page and choose offers
  • Tap on create offer button
  • Enter the details for the offer such as explaining what it’s all about, when the offer will expire, include photos is you have .State where the offer is available whether it’s in-store, online or both. Enter the promo code, terms and conditions that apply to the offer. When it’s an online offer, provide the URL so that people can utilize the advantage of the offer.
  • After everything, as you’re ready, click on publish.

Ways to claim a Facebook offer

Anytime a potential customer sees your offer on facebook, they’ll have to follow the steps below to claim it:

  • Select an offer from the left side of the facebook
  • In case there’s promo code, you can copy it or visit the offers website for additional information such as printing of the offer or to check out online.

More information about Facebook offers

You have the chances of limiting the number of users you offer through the total offers available field when you create the offer. The offers can only be posted on Facebook pages, not individual’s profiles. If your page must be eligible for this offer, it must have at least 400 likes.

If it’s an in-store offers, the users must have enabled location for Facebook to use it and must have saved the active offer. They’ll get a notification when are within the area of the store.

Tips to help you create Facebook Offers

You need to know some tips to guide you in making the best of your Facebook offers. Below are guides to assist you to get the best:

Offer a substantial discount

When offering a discount, make sure it’s at least 20% off of the regular price. Though Facebook prefers offering items for free of charge in addition to a price of purchase. This will help it perform better.

Making your offers Simple

You have to define and explain your terms and conditions of the offers so that it can be simple enough for people to understand. This will help prevent unnecessary steps for the customers.

Using a good and engaging Image

When you’re deciding an image to use, you must use an image of someone using your product or service. This will offer you some level of advantage. In addition, your page profile picture will also be seen next to your offer in most places. So, don’t use the same photo for both.

Make your Language direct and Natural

Your caption should be captivating, free of confusion. It should have the value of your company’s offer and not only the slogan.

Provide the Expiration date

You should ensure you provide enough time for your customers to see the offer and claim it. Here, the customers will have enough time to talk and post about your offer.

Promoting your offer

You can promote your offer by pining it at the top of your page. It’s recommended by Facebook that you re-share and existing offers instead of creating new ones and it’ll help to track its reach.

Offering your Staff adequate Training

You should provide your staff with the right knowledge to understand the terms of your offer and how customers are able to redeem it.

Using the right photos

The best photos you have to use for the offers are photos of people using your product or services.

Ways to use Promo codes with Facebook offer ads

In strategizing with your offer campaign, you’ve to choose wisely the kind of promo code that suits your goals, target audience and how you want to track promo code use. There’re 3 types of promo codes to try:

  1. Generic- This type of codes can be used by anyone. It’s effective and easy to set up. Ensure that it’s short and easy to remember and in doing this, you must be creative. It can be for buy-one-get-one-free i.e. ‘’BOGOFB’’.
  2. Unique-Here, you may prefer not to have your promo codes shared on the web.
  3. Barcodes and QR Codes-For those using the store visits campaign objective, this can be a nice option to test. You can save offer and redeem it later in-store. However, you can check the Facebook’s Ads help center for ads Barcode formatting guidelines.


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