Facebook Online Jobs | How to Apply to Facebook Online Jobs


Facebook Online Jobs | How to Apply to Facebook Online Jobs

Facebook Online Jobs – Facebook is one of the world’s social networking giants and has consistently maintained its position as one of the best companies to work for. Workers the world over has continually clamored for the opportunity to be a part of the Facebook team even though it has faced a lot of public criticism over the past years.

Facebook online jobs

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder, and CEO had said in 2018 that his goal that year was to fix Facebook’s issues that include foreign interference, hacking problems, and harassment on its platforms. And to achieve this part, it would mean to hire new impact-driven employees according to Facebook’s director of recruiting, Liz Wamai. Also, according to the vice president of Human Resources; Janelle Gale, “the type of people we attract are really focused on solving big problems”, people who want to work the most important problems about connecting the world.

How to Apply to Facebook Online Jobs | Things to keep in mind

According to Janelle Gray, Facebook receives lots of applications and they conduct a lot of interviews per day as a result of the increased number of applicants. Below are the 4 tips to keep in mind when you want to apply to Facebook Online Jobs.

  • She says to simply apply even if you feel your resume does not match the job description because skills are valued over experience at Facebook.
  • Knowing yourself; spending time to reflect on your strengths and weakness and how you can turn that to your strength, and what you’re passionate about is important after you’ve applied because what you bring to the table and whether you’re going to enjoy working in the job you’re placed over working in a good job you don’t enjoy is important to Facebook.
  • You’d also have to prove that you can solve problems (builder) and be a solution-oriented person, and also be open to learning.
  • Being authentic, honest and genuine is also important.

Why you should apply for Facebook Online Jobs

Facebook’s beliefs include being bold, open and build social value, focused on impact and move fast.

This social networking platform designed to bring the world together one connection at a time would be at the front encouraging you to bring out the best in you based on their core values.

Your innovative and creative ideas and abilities would be tested, new problems to be solved would be brought forth daily and the chance to meet new people will be provided facebook is a platform committed to supporting your learning curve and growth and believes in it.

How to Apply to Facebook Online Jobs

Competitions are stiff for open positions in facebook because of over a thousand job applicants a year rate. It has been recorded that a former employee underwent 17 rounds of interviews before finally securing the role applied for.

Hence to stand out when applying for a role in the illustrious social media network, Facebook’s vice president of people, Lori Goler, speaking to Glassdoor advises that applicants should study about Facebook’s company culture, thoroughly read and study call transcripts and earning articles for up to date insight on what’s most paramount to Facebook.

Facebook’s mission statement is; ‘Make the world more connected’ and it hasn’t changed since inception. It’s so important to Facebook that co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a manifesto on it in February 2017. He conveyed his vision for a global world and emphasized hiring people who support the vision for the company.

In his words, applicants should be ‘builders’ and ‘learners’. People who would like the opportunity to contribute to doing good and who are never done but look forward to doing more.

Tips to apply

To apply to a Facebook online job position is quite easy and straight forward. Simply submit your resume to a recruiter making sure to apply to a position. It can be the position you feel you have enough skill to qualify for. Then, you’ll be notified by facebook if your resume has been selected for review.

You’ll need to appear for an oral interview with a member of the recruiting team who’ll brief you on what working for facebook entails if you’re are successful. And you’ll go through a series of interviews where they’ll test your interest and ability.

You’ll be notified if you’ve been selected for the job.


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