Facebook page: Benefits of Facebook business Page

Facebook page : Benefits of Facebook Business Page

Having an active Facebook page is a smart way of advertising your business on Facebook. It’s a cheaper and faster way you can use to build your business in a very short period than you can ever imagine. So, if you’re looking for a smart way to grow your business, using a page through your Facebook business page is surer to achieve that feat without you having to spend much money.

Facebook page

However, you can’t just operate a Facebook page, to start with, you must have a functional Facebook account and from the account, you can now create a Facebook business page.

 Benefits of having a  Page on Facebook

We all know that Billions of people are on Facebook and millions of them visit Facebook monthly. However, having a Facebook Page for your business will offer you an opportunity to connect with more than 2 billion users around the world. Through this Facebook Business page, you can start growing your brand through shares, friends invite, and Facebook page ads.

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If you’re consistent, there’s the likelihood that you’ll hit success in less than the time you expect it. Here are some of the things you gain from having a Facebook business page for your business:

  • Provides more area coverage for your business
  • Gives opportunity to interact with more audience
  • Selling more through the adverts from your page
  • Offers you an edge over your  competitors
  • Very easy to target an audience of a particular group, age, or profession.
  • It increases your online business visibility
  • Through this, business owners can build very long term relationships with their customers
  • It’s a good and efficient communication channel between the owners of the business and clients
  • Encourages savings- instead of spending huge money on TV and Radio Adverts, you can use it to reach people on Facebook.
  • It brings more traffic to user’s websites and it, however, increases the site’s earnings.
  • It helps to attract potential customers easily.
  • Through this medium, your mobile content sells more.

What you need before setting up a Facebook Page

You’ll surely need these things before proceeding to the steps to create your Facebook business page:

  • You must have a Business Name or Logo- And you must have to name your Facebook business page after your business name
  • Should have a good profile picture
  • You should add a call to action to your Page to show the action you wish your visitors to take.

Steps to create a Facebook Business page

It’s not ready as hard as most people think it is to create a Facebook business page. In just a few minutes, you can boldly create your Facebook page following the steps below:

  • Go to your Facebook account
  •  Open your profile
  • Go to the left  page of your Facebook profile and click on the create page tab
  • Select a category that can be business or brand category or community or public figure category.
  • Since yours is a business, it’s advisable you choose the business or Brand category.
  • Click on it to open to a new page showing space for your business name. Fill in your  business name and add the very category that best describes your business
  •  After that, tap on the continue button.
  • Enter a profiled picture to enable people to  find your business page
  • Thereafter, add a cover photo, you’re ready to use your Facebook business page.
What you should do after creating a page

Wow, your Business page is ready on Facebook! Congratulations! Now you must have to take some actions deliberately to grow your business, business creating the page isn’t enough to grow your business automatically. Now that your page is ready, take the following steps to grow your business:

  1. Posting on your page: It’s important that you draw people’s attention to your page first by creating a quality post on your page before you think of inviting people to follow your page. Ensure that your first posts have good quality images and must be quite engaging. From this post, your future followers will know what your page is all about and what it stands for.
  2. Inviting People to your page: You can now start inviting people to follow your page. It’s not wise to send a general invite to all your friends. You must have to know the set of people you’re sending an invite to. If you send a mass invite, it may appear like Spam. In this way, others will think that you don’t know or care about who should benefit from your products or services. But when you carefully select who the invites are sent to, it’ll clearly differentiate that group/age the post is meant for.
Facebook Page Promotion

To promote your page, you’ll need to add your Page URL to your business page to show the link. Provide the link to your Website. As soon as people started following you, they’ll start clicking on the URL to go to your website.

 In page promotion, you can use a Facebook ad. Through Facebook ads, you can boost your page visibility. Moreso; you can achieve a lot through different campaigns, though you must have to write the headlines/ad.

Posting regularly

To have a command audience command, you have to post as often as possible. Maybe a few times a day. Post as your page not as your profile. This goes a long way to increase your page visibility and can make you rank on Facebook.

Monitoring Your Competition

Knowing the actions of your key competitors will go a long way to making you be up and doing. You can follow similar pages to learn from them and also improve on what you have on your page.

Hiring another person to manage your page

If you don’t have all the time to manage your page and ensure that things are going on well on it, you can hire someone who can work on it part-time to help you to manage your page as well as monitor your ads performance.


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