Facebook Places | how to use Facebook places anyone


Facebook Places | how to use Facebook places anyone

Facebook places are just a geo-location service offered by Facebook in the United States. Well, this will sound like the Google Map, since it has something to do with location. However, considering the meaning of Facebook places, one will understand what it’s used for.

Facebook places

Meaning of Facebook Places

Facebook places in an app that allows Facebook users to send alerts to their friends and loved ones about their current location at any point in time. In the first place, this app was only used in the US. Though, it later became more functional in the other countries of the world.


As a location app, it provides a real-time update of where you are or where your friends or loved ones are and what they are doing on the go. Using this app, you can easily tell any dude about anything. Just sitting in a cool eatery or in a nice hotel, your app can just reveal your location and what’s going on there.

Friends and travelers alike enjoy this confidence and advantage of taking some kind of sudden coincidences. You can just run into a new environment and wants to know if you’ve any friends in that area at the same time as you. All you have to do is to use your Facebook location app.

You can access this, by clicking on ‘’Check-in’’ once you get to the new location. And this will help you know is someone you know is nearby. When a Facebook user arrives at a location, there’s a new update that will be published automatically to their friends’ news feed. However, they can use this platform to other friends at the same location. Also, you can use a photo status update.

Your Privacy protection

Most of the Facebook places are just there by default. This means that users just have to opt-out of these features to avoid being detected in their new environment. Every check-in on Facebook places will be published to a user’s profile. Also, it gets published in their news feed as well on their ‘activity Stream’ of that very location.

For privacy protection, Facebook says that only the friends of the user can see where they are checked in or tagged. This can only happen unless the users decide to share the information with everybody from their timeline.

 The benefits of using this app

Users have a lot to benefit from. Mostly, it helps friends to keep in touch with other friends in the same location. Since this app, there’s a hope that Facebook will soon produce a new app known as a Travel planner.  This app will act as as third party app. Its function will be taking as assistance to this app.  However, you can take advantage that this app offers.


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