Facebook Poll | How you can create your Poll on Facebook


Facebook Poll | How you can create your  Poll on Facebook

Creating your Facebook Poll can be very fun and it’s a way you can easily find out any information that’s been difficult for you to get in different ways.

Facebook Poll

It doesn’t matter if you have a Facebook business page or not, you can create your own Facebook Poll. Or if you want to interact with any of your close friends on their Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook poll on your Personal or Business page

You may be asking what these Polls on Facebook are. However, Polls has been widely used from the time past since the inception of social media mostly by the Politicians. They use it to measure popular opinions and also predict the election results. Mostly, the time of polls used by the Politicians in the straw polls.

Presently, we have a modern poll known as the Facebook polls. This can feature in any sphere of life and business or in the e-commerce business and digital marketing platforms.

So, Facebook polls is a very great way you can get opinions from social media before you can embark on any business venture or action or any enterprise in a certain areas  of your choice.

I have seen many people who have come with useful results from the polls and it’s been quite good and satisfactory if you utilize it well.

Why and where to create your Poll on Facebook

Before creating your poll, you must bear in mind the reason why you’re creating your poll. Some create polls to ask questions, and to let people vote or provide answers. People can create polls from their newsfeed or timeline, in a group or as an admin or an editor of a page.

For the polls on your newsfeed or timeline, you can only select two options for your poll. While the polls in a group you can add many options to it.

Steps to creating your own poll on Facebook profile

  • Scroll to and click at the top of your newsfeed or your timeline
  • Move down and choose a poll
  • Close to your profile picture, provide the questions you wish to ask your follows
  • You’ll see the boxes, with option 1 and 2, key in the option  for your poll
  • Also, choose a picture or GIF
  • Tap 1 week to choose when you want the poll to end.
  • Then, tap on the post

Creating a Poll within a Facebook group

  • Go to your news feed and tap on groups at the left menu and choose your group
  • Tap o write something and choose poll
  • Key in a question and thereafter, tap on add option… now; enter options for the group members to select.
  • Tap the post button/icon or tab

This is very important if you’re creating a group poll, then, you must know that only your group members can vote or give their opinion.

Using Google Form to create a Poll on Facebook

You can as well create polls using an external app and then, share them on Facebook. And this is by using the Google Forms. In addition, this is quite similar to Facebook’s polls for pages.

Using LeadQuizzes to make a Poll on Facebook

Another easy way to poll your audience is by using LeadQuizzes. With this, you can create a poll in a few minutes using the key four elements:

  • Start Screen- it allows your audience to know what the poll is about
  • Text Question- this enables you to ask your audience questions
  • The Form field- is the one that collects their information
  • Results-  or you can call it the thank you page

More uses of the Facebook Polls

  1.  It creates expectations  about your new products, services or features
  2.  It brings in the audience in your decision making. Most times, the ideas of your audience can be very vital in making you achieve huge success in your plans.
  3. Creates brand awareness and also, helps to build your brand by engaging your audience.
The Benefits of using Polls on Facebook
  • Using polls on Facebook increases your engagement and provides platform form more interactions with other Facebook users and fans
  •  Helps to improve your reach and brand visibility in your location
  • It enables you to know the opinion of your followers, audiences on your brand. It can lead to brand improvement and more quality services.
  • Provides useful feedback on your brand and this can cause you to change some of your modes of operations or services
  •  Increases the relationship between you and your brand users
  •  If helps you to evaluate your business/brand performance in the market and how to improve on them.


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